A Checklist For Moving to a New Apartment

Moving into your new apartment is an exciting time. With all of the packing, hauling, unpacking, decorating and arranging, it can be easy to forget the essentials. (I’m not talking about that sweet chevron area rug, either!) If you want to avoid wasting valuable moving time on trekking back and forth to the closest store, make sure the items on the following list are at the top of your unpacking priorities. I’d even go so far so as to recommending Big T movers, for it was them who did the moving when we were relocating.

For the move:

Quenching Materials
It’s the summer and moving means lifting heavy things into, out of and away from cars. (Outside. In the heat.) Everyone involved is bound to get a little sweaty and pretty thirsty. If you pack your cups away in the very back of the moving truck, it could be quite a while before anyone can get a refreshing sip. Make sure your drink ware finds its new home ASAP. If that sounds stressful, stock your fridge with bottles of water before you set to work.

Toilet Paper
With all of the (necessary) hydrating taking place, it won’t be long before someone has to go. Make sure you equip your bathroom with some TP, hand soap and hand towels before you start any big projects.

Trash Bags
A new place generally means a lot of new things to unpack. Boxes, tape, plastic wrap and more will reach mountainous heights if you aren’t prepared to dispose of the trash that comes with moving.

For the first night:

Shower Essentials
After a long day of moving with the help of movers wilmington nc and their best services, a nice shower is probably near the top of your list, along with cozying up in your clean sheets and not moving until morning. This can be a difficult process if you didn’t unpack your shower essentials during the first day. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels and bath mat will need to be in the proper place before any showers can be enjoyed. More importantly, don’t forget a shower curtain and curtain rod!

Not only will you need a comfy set of pajamas after your shower, but you’ll need some clothes for the next day of moving and organizing as well.

Have a dog or a cat? A big move doesn’t mean they don’t need to eat and relieve themselves, too! Make sure you set up food and water bowls, litter boxes and kennels on the first day. Have leashes and treats handy for easy trips outside and rewards for good behavior. If you need to keep your dog occupied during a long move, toss them a rawhide bone to work on.

Moving is so much more than couches and coffee tables. With this list, you can make sure that you’re prepared for everything you may face in a normal day of moving. From all of us at Move For Free, have fun in your new apartment!