Advantages of Living in an Apartment Community with a Dog Park

I fully realize not everyone is a dog person. That’s ok. (Apartment cats need homes, too.) But I am, and my apartment community recently put in a dog park in a large, open area in the middle of all our homes. It’s done wonders for my apartment dog, Lucy, now that she gets to play and run every day with the same friends. But it’s also done wonders for myself and other dog owners. Here are just a few reasons why.

14036441 - little dogs in the park

A connection to community

I’ve lived in my current apartment for about three years. In that time span (before the dog park opened), I truly got to know one of my neighbors – and that was only because our dogs liked to play together when they were outside taking care of business. In the few weeks since the dog park has opened, I now count 5-6 neighbors as acquaintances. We say hi to each other every time we cross paths, we talk, we offer to help dog sit, etc. The dog park has done wonders for feeling connected to the community in which I live.

More security

Because of that connection, I feel safer than ever in my apartment community. Let me be clear, I didn’t feel unsafe before the dog park opened – and I’m not saying a dog park has a direct relationship with safety. But I now know a lot of my neighbors. We know where each other live, and we keep an eye out for things. Just like good neighbors do.

More engagement

Finally, it seems like more and more people are taking advantage of apartment amenities since the dog park opened. Because it’s at the center of the action, what used to be a big, empty patch of grass is now bustling with activity. Kids play nearby so they can see the dogs. Other dog owners are bringing their pups by to see if they want to join in on the fun. It’s made a world of difference.