Cats and Apartment Living

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Like it or not, there’s a cat-lady (or cat-man) inside of all of us. You can choose to embrace it or hide it away, but it’s there…purring deeply and contentedly upon the windowsill of your conscience. Don’t act like you don’t enjoy cat memes or spend 10 minutes a day watching cat videos on YouTube.

If you’re one of those kooky kids who lets his or her cat flag fly freely, you know full well some of the downsides to having a feline roommate. At some point or another, litter will fly from its box, hair will cling to every piece of fabric, furniture will fall victim to claw marks and framed photographs and trinkets will just fall (pushed to their doom by an apathetic Mr. Whiskers).

Living a cat-free life is clearly not an option. So, how can you, and cat people everywhere, make easy changes for both cat and human-friendly apartment living? Here are a few tips from Move For Free.


They may spend the majority of their day sprucing up, but not all cats are neat-freaks come litter box time. In an attempt to cover their stinky deed, those little cat legs can send litter flying out of its box and all over your floors. An easy way to alleviate some of your cleanup is to point Whiskers’ litter box opening toward the wall instead of outwards. Place the litter box in an inexpensive boot tray, close enough to the wall that there’s just enough room for the little guy to squeeze in. If litter does go sailing out, it will literally hit a wall and land in that handy boot tray for an easy clean up later.


Whether you have cloth, leather or microfiber furniture, your little fur ball is still going to shed all over it. Here are a few helpful tips on keeping your home as pet hair, dander and allergy free as possible:

  • Invest in a reliable vacuum cleaner. If you’re committed to a life filled with cat companionship, spending a little extra on a quality vacuum can save you a lot of frustration. You may need to vacuum at least twice a week to keep your carpets free of fur. Don’t forget the attachments! Drapes and cloth furniture can be vacuumed with a soft brush attachment.
  • Rubber gloves aren’t just for cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom. For easy pet hair removal from furniture and coats, dampen a rubber glove and rub it over the surfaces. The pet hair will clump together for easy removal. Re-wet your glove as necessary.
  • Brush your cat everyday. Doing this lets you control when the shedding will take place. With a de-shedding brush, like the Furminator, you can easily collect and dispose of that pesky fur before it hits your furniture.

Scratching Post

You need to get one. Neglect this and suffer the claw-marked consequences.

Look out below

For some reason, no self-respecting cat can pass a shelf-sitting trinket without providing a few swift swipes to send it toppling over the edge. That being said, don’t put Grandma’s antique glass figurines within reach of those little paws. Hang your framed photographs on the walls and out of reach, and stick to sturdier, heavier decorations if they have to be where Whiskers can reach. The easiest way to keep your cat away from your things is to create a space just for them. If that means making a windowsill cozier for afternoon bird watching, so be it. There’s always the option of a store-bought cat tower, for an elevated perch they can’t resist.

Cat lovers, rejoice! Now you and Whiskers can live in harmony. Making these little changes to your apartment and cleaning routine can make your life easier, and your apartment safe from any cat-astrophes.