Declutter your Surroundings and Organize your Life

One of the positives of finding a new apartment home is the chance to de-clutter and organize your belongings. I typically move every two years (with the help of our trusty apartment locator service) and always make sure to take full advantage of that opportunity.

But that doesn’t mean you have to wait to until you move to shake things up in your apartment. So here are a few tips to organizing your home, courtesy of Move For Free.

Start out small: Do you have anxiety about cleaning or organizing? Then start with something small like your medicine cabinet. Go through throw out any medicine that has expired. (Make sure to properly dispose of the medication. Check with your local utility for free medication disposal days.) Take everything off the shelves, clean them off and then only put back what you use on a daily or weekly basis. Then find a new home for stuff like cough syrup or aspirin that you don’t regularly use.

Look for problem areas: Can you never find the shoes you need in the morning? Are your spices in the kitchen always a big mess? Troubleshoot the problems you run into most. Look for some cheap organizational tools at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond or Wal-Mart, etc.

Keep, give away, or trash: When you get in a cleaning or de-cluttering mood, organize your stuff into these three different piles. Start with your closet. If you haven’t worn something in the past year, donate it to charity. If it’s too ragged, then trash it. This is a quick step to creating more room (and helping someone else along the way). If you have some friends who want to go in on a garage sale, create a “for sale” pile as well.