Decorating for the Holidays in a Small Space

Just because you live in an apartment or a small space doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for the holidays! There are ways you can decorate and still not make your space looked cramped. Here are the top ten tips on decorating for the holidays in an apartment or small space from Move For Free.

10. Try seasonal pillows or pillow cases. If you already have throw pillows on your sofa, take your day-to-day ones off and replace them with festive ones for the holiday season.

9. Buy some holiday-inspired, scented candles. It will make your small space smell like a fresh-cut tree even if you only have a small artificial one.

8. Switch your picture frames and vases for festive decor like a candy dish or a nutcracker. This won’t add to the clutter. It just switches the accessories for the holiday season.

7. If you don’t have a fireplace and you still want the ambiance of one, you can buy a “digital” fireplace on DVD.

6. Also, if you don’t have a fireplace or mantel to hang your stocking…don’t worry! Bedposts, doorknobs, or windows are great places to hang them. Santa will know where to find them.

5. Since windows and mirrors are already part of your home, use them to your decorating advantage! You can use window cling-ons or fake snow.

4. In a small space you might have to forgo the traditional piling of presents under the tree. This may cause your space to look even smaller. The more floor you can see the bigger the space will look. Try piling your presents off the floor on a chair near the tree or even a basket.

3. If floor space is limited try a table-top tree. Stringing some lights and ornaments on it can really light up a small room and make you feel as jolly and warm inside as a big tree.

2. Playing some Christmas music or holiday movies can really bring the holiday spirit into your home. No matter how big or small.

1. And the number one tip for decorating a small space for the holidays… less is definitely more. Pick, at the most, 2-3 areas to decorate. Don’t go overboard. A lot of decorations can really make a small apartment look a lot smaller. would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and very Happy New Year!