Feel Their Pain: Moving Horror Stories

Moving stories are sometimes like “scar” stories. Telling the story of a stressful and painful move can be just as unpleasant as recalling how you got a certain scar on your body. Finding an apartment for rent and then moving into that new place is considered one of the top five most stressful situations a person go through in their life – right next to getting married and death. Here are a few moving horror stories from real people who, quite honestly, wish they would have used Move For Free or had the option of using our service during their move.

“We moved into our first purchased house on my 29th birthday, deep into July in Houston. Hot. The moving van we rented had six-foot high doors. I’m 6′1″. I ducked just right most of the time…but late in the day, I missed it and hit the top of my head. For a moment, the heavens opened and I saw Grandma again, beckoning for me to come into the light.”
~ Pete B.

“Everything I own for some reason weighs a ton. So when I started packing all the boxes everything felt like it was filled with lead. I actually had a box of rocks – yup, rocks – since I collect raw gem formations. When I moved in I had to move all that stuff on my own, which wasn’t too bad since I was five years younger and in good shape. But now when I moved out I was older and waaaay out of shape. Thank God I had another, older, waaaay out of shape friend come help with most of it. Two old guys huffin’ and sweatin’ up and down stairs scaring the new tenants. We had to take a break after every haul so we didn’t die of heat exhaustion, dehydration or just from utter and completely failure to be healthy and finished with only about a 10% breakage. Woot?”
~Bradley B.

“I had been kicked out of dorms, but my apartment wasn’t ready when they said it would be. So I stayed with my aunt, but I basically had to live out of my car. I was driving with every single thing I owned in my car. I couldn’t see out the back window. It’s funny now.”
~Ana F.

“I had movers that promised to show at 2PM and didn’t actually come until 10PM! I didn’t get moved until after midnight. The movers “used to be” professionals, but ‘forgot to take themselves out of the phone book.’ I guess they only moved office furniture, but did moving as a side deal. They were REALLY cheap. I guess you what you pay for. I also tipped them in beer. It’s a very long story.”
~Julie F.

We all make mistakes in our lives. But you know what they say – live and learn. Next time, you know what to do: use Moveforfree.com! No need to haul those heavy rocks by yourself or wait until 10PM to move! We want to remove moving from that list of life’s top five most stressful events.