Four DIY Apartment Halloween Decorations

It’s nearly time for costumes, candy and trick-or-treat! Apartment living doesn’t mean that you too can’t get into the spirit! There are tons of apartment friendly decorations to get you in the Halloween spirit! Here are four fun decoration ideas from Move For Free that are so easy, it’s scary.

Ghostly Wine Bottles

Give your wine or sparkling cider bottles an afterlife with this crafty decoration.

  • Remove any labels, wash and dry the bottles.
  • Optional: Spray paint or paint them all black, white, silver, orange or gold.
  • Once they’ve dried, use paint pens to draw a different fun or spooky face for each bottle.
  • Arrange your new spirits on an end table, coffee table, mantle, bookshelf or kitchen table with different sized candles and enjoy!

A Haunted Bouquet

  • For a touch of haunting elegance (think Dracula), buy a normal arrangement of white roses, real or fake, and put in a black vase.
  • Now place black plastic spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlers on, in and around the arrangement.
  • The effect is one of deranged beauty and will be sure to put you in the Halloween mood!

Not-So-Cheesy Cobwebs

You don’t have to neglect your cleaning duties to get the witching hour’s trademark cobwebs. Cheesecloth can be found at your local grocery store and easily does the trick!

  • Arrange candles on a mantle.
  • Cut the cheesecloth to your desired length.
  • Stretch and fray the cheesecloth on and between the candles until you’ve created the desired cobweb effect.

Goo-Free Pumpkin Fun

Carving pumpkins can be a mess, but the pumpkin is essential to the Halloween vibe. The solution is, don’t carve. Decorate instead! There are endless options when it comes to pumpkin fun. A few of my favorites are:

  • Spray paint a large pumpkin a metallic black, gold or orange color and stencil on your apartment number for a balcony or front door decoration.
  • Paint a large pumpkin white and then either stencil or freehand spooky literary selections around the pumpkin. My favorites: Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven and the witches’ famous speech from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
  • Paint glue onto a large pumpkin or several small pumpkins. Now cover in gold, black, silver or orange glitter and display! A large pumpkin can serve as the main element of a Halloween centerpiece. Smaller pumpkins can line a mantel or be stacked in a tall square vase for a sparkly decoration.

So, before you get to monster mashing, make sure you and your apartment are thoroughly in the Halloween spirit with these fun apartment friendly decorations!