Four Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

Do you know your neighbors? I mean actually know their name and a little bit about them. Knowing your neighbors is a dying trend, it seems. So not that you’re found that new apartment for rent through Move For Free, take the chance to make some new friends! Here are some simple steps to making that happen.

Wave and say hello: It may sound simple, but the easiest way to meet people is by being friendly. Make a point to say hello when you cross paths on the stairs, wave in the parking lot or make a little small talk at the mailbox.

Pets/Kids: I don’t have kids, but I know my dog requires me to spend a lot of time walking around the grass of my apartment community. And there are a lot of neighbors doing the very same thing. See, you already have something in common! If you have two small kids and see your neighbor with kids around the same age, use that as an opportunity to meet.

Throw a party: I don’t know many people who turn down free beer or free food. I’m not suggesting you have to throw a knockdown, drag-out, “call the police” party. (That’s an easy way for your neighbors to NOT want to know you.) But inviting them over to watch football, for example, can’t hurt. What’s the worst that can happen? They don’t show up and you have all the food to yourself.

Use the amenities: Most apartment communities have common areas like a swimming pool, BBQ pit, gym and movie room these days. Use them! On second thought, you might not want to strike up a conversation while someone is on mile six on the treadmill. So it might be best to wait until they’re done. But these common areas are great places to meet your fellow renters.