How to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

Apartment living can mean less opportunities to display your holiday spirit, right? Wrong! You may not have a fireplace on which to hang stockings with care, a garage to string lights upon or a ceiling height that will accommodate a towering douglas fir, but that is no reason to have a blue Christmas. Consider this blog a glowing, red, nose-shaped beacon of hope, guiding you to a delightfully decorated apartment.

No fireplace? No problem.

Lugging firewood, cleaning up soot, who has time for that? Fireplaces are so last season. Stockings, however, are still a holiday staple. So where can you proudly display your stockings in an apartment without one of those handy mantles? The ceilings the limit! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • On Your Bar-Height Counter. Bar-height, mantle-height, potato po-tah-toe. Grab a 4-pack of the Original Mantleclip online or at your local Target to hold even your fullest stockings.
  • On Your Wall. Clothesline-style decorations are all the rage right now. Whether you’re hanging polaroids or Christmas stockings, it will give your home a personalized and cozy decoration. Secure a sturdy string to one of two screw-in wall hooks. Thread the string through your stockings’ loops and then secure it to the second screw-in wall hook.
  • On a Bookshelf. Elves don’t have to be the only things on your shelf. Using the same mantle clips or a few decorative stocking holders, your bookshelves can feature a neat row of stockings or a staggered placement for a funky and fun display.
  • As a bonus-For the sounds and smells of Christmas, try out this crackling Fireside Woodwick Candle.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Sooner or later you’ll have to face the facts. There’s only one Rockefeller Center and it won’t fit in your apartment. Not the Christmas tree, not the flags and don’t even get us started on the ice skating rink. So if you have dreams of a sky-high fir, twinkling with lights and ornaments, we have a few alternatives that will save you space without downsizing on Christmas spirit.

  • This 4.5 ft tall pre-lit artificial tree is just the right size and price ($20) for any apartment. It comes perfectly pre-lit to save you the hassle of unwinding and rewinding cords. Add your own ornaments, tinsel and candy canes for a personal touch. For extra height, place your tree on a side table in a room corner. The tree skirt will now serve as a decorative table cloth for the side table.
  • This next option is a comical reference to the holiday classic A Charlie Brown Christmas. This ‘little tree that could’ is a definite conversation starter. Add “Christmas Time Is Here” to your holiday playlist and the reference will be complete!
  • This creative use of lights is one of our favorite Christmas tree alternatives. Using thumbtacks and a string of lights, create the classic outline of a christmas tree on one of the main walls in your apartment. You can place your presents on the floor beneath it, or slide a table underneath to keep them safe from stumbling feet.

Stockings, a tree, now you’ll need a wreath! Instead of shelling out lots of cash on a pre-made wreath, why not make your own? This Rudolph-inspired silver wreath is our idea of a perfect holiday decoration!

At Move For Free, we love fresh starts. Whether this is your first Christmas in your new apartment, or simply a new chance to show your decorating chops, we hope you find these ideas helpful! What are some of your favorite holiday decorations? Share them with us in the comments below!

Happy decorating and happy holidays from the Move For Free team! – X9K65ZF45SU7