How to Decorate Your Apartment

Small space? No problem! A common misconception apartment-dwellers have is that a small(er) space can’t be fashionable. This is completely untrue. Decorating an apartment is all about finding the balance between creativity and placement. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you take your apartment space to the next level.

Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space. Placing a mirror in a certain spot in your small apartment – i.e. across from a window – can visually expand the room and reflect light to make your home look bigger than it actually is – and there are a number of ways to do it! Curtains can also have an elongating effect on the look of a small apartment. Using a rounded curtain rod can create the illusion of a bigger window. Long curtains placed right below the ceiling create height. And draped windows make your walls look bigger. But size is not the only thing mirrors and curtains can alter or make appear different. Fabric curtains and antique mirrors can add a luxurious look to any apartment.

Think scale. Purchasing furniture for a small apartment can be tricky if you’ve never done it before. A small space with a smaller piece of furniture is going to be visually interesting and create more space for the eyes to wander. When shopping for furniture, look for versatility. Modular sofas that can be left- or right-handed, chairs that fold or storage ottomans are all versatile pieces that can be used even when you move to a bigger place. Placement of your small space furniture is vital when decorating to make your home look larger or more chic. Placing tables or other small furnishings away from walls creates extra space and makes a room look more open.

White or grey. Think neutral when contemplating paint for a small apartment. The lighter the paint scheme the better. Bright, neutral colors can open up any room and make it appear bigger. Use home decor and furniture to add pops of color to your small apartment. Neutrals mixed properly with bursts of color here and there will look high-end and fashionable.

Decorating a small apartment can be a challenge, but use this advice and you can easily take your small space from drab to fab and stay on budget, as well!