How to Host a Football Viewing Party in your Apartment

Football season is well underway, which means so are the watch parties. Everyone is looking for a fun environment to enjoy the game with friends, family and fans alike. While deciding what chips or beverages should be served at the gathering, there is one factor you should always consider – your apartment neighbors. Hosting the ultimate viewing party comes with a lot of responsibilities, and one of those is being respectful of your apartment community. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Always prepare in advanced. Give your surrounding neighbors a heads up that you will be having a party. Also let them know what the occasion is for. The difference in noise level you would expect from a movie viewing and a football viewing is pretty drastic, and this can give them an idea of what to expect.

Arrive bearing gifts! Showing up at your neighbor’s door with a small gift like a bottle of wine or a gift basket might convince them to contact you first rather than the front office, or worse, if there is a problem. If you’re expecting a rather rambunctious group of super fans, try to get your neighbors out of their home for the time of the event. Offer movie tickets or dinner if you think that noise is going to be a problem.

Make sure your guests know in advance where to park and how to reach your place. This can help with outside noise, preventing large groups from wondering around the community and taking up resident parking spots. Remind your guests that your apartment is an apartment, not a house or a stadium. While celebratory cheers should not be banned, a reminder that you are inside and in a shared space can help keep the ruckus down.

Prep your home for the occasion. Hanging curtains or other fabrics on shared walls can help muffle the noises from the gathering. Closing doors and windows will also keep noise from traveling down the road and hallways. Try to keep the TV at a moderate volume as most of the reporting will probably be drowned out by conversation anyway. Try a “no shoe,” policy. This can help with foot traffic noise and stomps that could be burdensome to neighbors below.

Invite your neighbors! Nothing is more upsetting or annoying than being left out, especially if you can hear everyone having a great time. Use the opportunity to get to know your neighbor in an environment other than the elevator or apartment staircases. Even if your neighbor supports the rival team, the friendly competition just adds to the excitement of football.