How to Throw the Perfect NBA Watch Party

The San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat are facing off for the ultimate title of NBA champions. Whether you’re supporting the Spurs’ ‘Drive for 5’ or the Heat’s run at a second title, you can witness history with friends and family at your very own playoffs party.

Apartment residents tend to shy away from hosting due to size, noise and budget restraints. So here’s a foolproof guide to throwing the perfect apartment-friendly basketball bash, courtesy of Move For Free.

Coach Popovich could teach you a thing or two about respecting the fundamentals. Every great get-together needs the appropriate space, food, drinks and entertainment. Luckily, your entertainment is already covered, thanks to the incredible athletes out on the court. So let’s start with creating space for your guests and refreshments.

Turn your dining table into a buffet station. Pushing your table against a wall will make floor space while designating a food area. (You can use the chairs for extra seating around the television, if needed.) Have paper plates, plastic cups, napkins and utensils laid out for use. Bonus points for color coordinating to show your team spirit!

All roads (should) lead to the game. There will undoubtedly be plenty of trips made to the buffet table, fridge, bathroom and back to the television throughout the night. Make sure these destinations are easily accessible. Don’t close off the game-viewing area with crowded seating or you’ll find yourself and your guests having to side-step and tiptoe to get to and from their viewing spots.

Now that everyone will be able to get where they want to without any acrobatic displays, give them something worth getting up for. When it comes to food, don’t be fancy. Stick with favorites like chips and dip (queso and guacamole are popular for a reason!), wings and pizza. Whether you whip these treats up yourself or just grab some to-go before the game is up to you. No crockpot? Both Chili’s and Buffalo Wild Wings offer some seriously tasty queso to-go! Not a fan of frozen foods? Grab some hot pizza at your favorite spot or enough wings for the whole crew at Wing Stop! Remember, it’s a game day party, not a gala. Easy, tasty finger foods are your best bet.

Along with their jerseys and team spirit, have your guests bring their own drinks. You can mix up (or purchase) a pitcher of tea or lemonade for the designated drivers, but leave the specialty and alcoholic beverages up to the people drinking them. Just make sure that you do not overload the table with intoxicants, for you might end up with someone needed a patient contribution therapy at the nearest rehab.

As far as the noise level is concerned. It’s the playoffs. Everyone can get a little noisy. Post a sign on your door reading “Playoff Game in Progress. Please Excuse Our Spirit. Go Spurs Go! or Let’s Go Heat!” This lets your neighbors know that the noise level will drop dramatically at the end of the game and this isn’t an all night affair. It’s more than likely, though, that they will be watching the game as well and won’t even notice your cheers.

So there you have it! A budget and apartment-friendly playoff party that is sure to be a slam dunk with your fellow fanatics. May your queso be hot, your drinks be cold and may the best team win!