Moving Tips to Remember

Moving to a new apartment is an incredibly stressful time. Between the apartment search, packing, physically moving your stuff to a new location and getting settled in – there’s a lot to get overwhelmed by.

Each week Move For Free posts our moving tip of the week on Facebook and Twitter. Here are a couple of the greatest hits for those of you getting ready to find a new apartment home over the next couple of months.

  • Make a list of your needs/wants before you begin your apartment search. This will cut down on your search time.
  • Don’t underestimate the impact of your work commute when trying to find a new apartment.
  • When searching for a new apartment, talk to some of the people who live at the different apartment communities. You’ll get a better sense of the community.

Once you find a new apartment, these ideas you may not have thought of will help you get moved and set up in no time.

  • Put plenty of paper on the bottom of boxes before you pack. This acts as cushion for your items!
  • Use your luggage when packing. That’s some valuable room for clothes and/or smaller items.
  • When moving in with roommates, agree on financial responsibilities before move-in day.
  • Keep a screwdriver and hammer handy at your new place. You’ll need them to assemble furniture.