Four Signs it is Time to Find a New Apartment

The whole point of a rental is it’s meant to be temporary. Whether you stay in your apartment for six months or three years, eventually it will be time to move on to a bigger, better or just plain different place to live. At Move For Free, we’ve seen our fair share of new beginnings. […]

The Ultimate Moving Cheat Sheet

Moving apartments can be a stressful experience if you don’t do it right. Don’t let your excitement be squashed under the burden of locating, touring, signing on and moving in to your new place. When you follow these four easy steps, moving is a breeze! So here you have it – Move For Free’s Ultimate […]

How Does an Apartment Locator Work?

Apartment locator services are by no means a new idea. They’ve been around, simplifying what can be a painstakingly tedious and time consuming task, for quite a while now. After starring in many of my own moving horror stories, it amazes me that it took me this long to catch on. That amazement packed another […]

Searching for an Apartment: The Importance of Location

It’s important when you’re planning a vacation (to Disney World) and it’s equally (dare I say more?) important when you’re selecting a new apartment for rent. Say it with me now – Location, location, location. When it’s time for a new apartment, you can make your life shockingly easier by paying attention to that one […]

How to Get Your Apartment Deposit Back

If you’ve ever rented, or are currently renting, you’ve come into brief contact with the ever-elusive apartment security deposit. It’s so rare for a renter to earn his or her deposit back that most people consider those hundreds of dollars gone forever the moment they’re handed over to management. So what are renters doing wrong? […]

How to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

Apartment living can mean less opportunities to display your holiday spirit, right? Wrong! You may not have a fireplace on which to hang stockings with care, a garage to string lights upon or a ceiling height that will accommodate a towering douglas fir, but that is no reason to have a blue Christmas. Consider this […]

Exercises You Can Do In Your Apartment

This is the week known for gluttony. After eating turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, dessert, more turkey and more dessert, you finally reach your limit. At that point, the only thing that sounds good is the couch and a Dallas Cowboys’ victory. Then comes the big challenge – working off that extra holiday weight. While most […]

Rainy Day Apartment Life Hacks

When a little mud can mean the difference between earning your deposit back or losing it to a rental property, it’s important to take special care on rainy days. Continuing our Move For Free life hack series, we’re here to point out three great ways to avoid bringing the nasty weather outside inside your apartment. […]

How to Throw a Last-Minute Halloween Party

How could this have happened? It’s Halloween and you’ve made no plans! The horror! Your cat can’t be the only witness of your genius and carefully constructed costume. Fear not! If you prefer good food and great friends to an expensive night out, Move For Free has a few party planning treats for you! First […]

Going Green While Moving

Every day, more and more are getting on board with the green movement. People have decided that clean air, water and renewable resources are worth changing their lifestyles. Recycling is one of the biggest and easiest ways to lessen the amount of waste you send to a landfill, but for some reason, it gets largely […]

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