The Benefits of Soft Water

Apartment communities have come a long way. What used to resemble low-level, college dorm rooms, now offer perks and amenities similar to those of luxury hotels. State-of-the-art fitness centers, resort-style pools, granite countertops and high-end appliances are all available to renters who do a little research before signing a lease. One request that Move For Free’s team of apartment locators receives a lot is for an often-overlooked luxury – soft water.

Known for its benefits to skin, hair, laundry, plumbing and even your cooking, homeowners, and now renters, are making the smart switch to soft water. As most apartments aren’t designed for you to install a personal water softener, finding out a community’s water situation ahead of time is a great idea.

Choosing an apartment community that provides soft water will give your hair a healthy shine, your skin a healthy glow and keep your clothes bright and soft. How does it work? To understand the benefits of soft water, you need only to look at the negative aspects of hard water.

Hard water, which 85% of the United States has, contains minerals, like calcium and magnesium, which cause a lot of problems. These minerals prevent proper emulsification when showering or doing laundry. The outcome is a poor-clogging, hair-damaging and clothing-dulling soap scum. It doesn’t just leave scum on your clothes and body, either. Inside your plumbing, hard water leaves a mineral buildup that can eventually lead to major clogs or even broken pipes. It can damage your washer and dishwasher as well. Even your glass and dishware aren’t safe from the effects of hard water. Your sparkling glasses will soon lose their shine to a milky film from hard water minerals.

It may be difficult to find an apartment community with soft water without the help of an apartment locator. Even areas without soft water apartments can still be equipped for filtered drinking water. For pure, contaminant-free water for drinking and cooking, check out any of the drinking water purification systems from our friends at Kinetico San Antonio. No matter which apartment you decide on, one of their stylish systems will fit easily under or next to your sink.

When you want the best water for your body and home, choose soft water. When you need help finding the right apartment for you, choose Move For Free. Our locators can help you find the place of your dreams and provide you with a free move (or up to $250 cash)!