The Best Places to Unwind in Katy

5 Relaxing Things To Do in Katy

Relaxing Things To Do in Katy

Located just outside of downtown Houston, Katy is a small part of the city that has plenty of character for a Texan town.  But where can you got to have a good time and unwind a little?  There’s certainly a fair number of places to go and things to do, especially if you’re looking to unwind a little.

Take a look at these amazing places to unwind near Katy that are not only affordable, but are downright fun for you, your family and your friends!

Unwind & Relax in Katy

Zen Hookah Lounge

An evening at the Zen Hookah Lounge isn’t just an environment to allow guests to study and socialize with their family and friends, it’s a place for you to escape reality with one of the oldest social pastime experiences in the world.  

With a variety of exotic flavors to choose from – including mint, mango, purple haze, double apple, golden grape and more – the Zen Hookah Lounge makes for a great place in Katy to unwind.

Southland Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for a place with good food and great service at an affordable price, spend an evening getting some grub at Southland Bar & Grill.  It has some of the friendliest bartenders in town, fun dj’s and even karaoke night for you and your friends to sing the night away.

Rainforest Conservatory and Butterfly Museum

The butterfly museum and rainforest conservatory isn’t technically in Katy, but it’s a short drive downtown and is such an amazing place I had to add it to the list.  Picture this, you’re walking into a 3 story tall glass structure and right in the center is a 50-foot waterfall surrounded by a tropical rainforest thriving with exotic plants.

Meanwhile, hundreds of delicate butterflies are fluttering freely through lush vegetation, sipping on the nectar of fruit juices and even occasionally landing on those walking through.  If you’re looking for somewhere to unwind and truly leave the chaos of Houston behind, you must visit the Rainforest Conservatory.

Rainbow Trout Fishing at Mary Jo Peckham Park

If you’re idea of unwinding means finding a sure-fire fishing spot, pack up the tackle gear and make your way to the great outdoors.  Each winter between the months of December and March, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will stock rainbow trout in various lakes throughout Texas, including Mary Jo Peckham Park.  

Not much of a fisher?  Unwind in their aquatic and fitness center for a quick swim or zumba class!

Which of these locations are most ideal for you when finding a place to unwind in Katy?