The Joys of Off-Campus Living

We’re almost at the midterm point of the fall 2013 college semester. So your son or daughter may have figured out by now that dorm room and campus housing isn’t for everyone. Whether you or your child has been saddled with a less than simpatico roommate, need to live closer to work, further from the college scene or just need more space, living off-campus has a lot to offer. Making the move doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, at Move For Free, we’ve been making it downright easy for college students to upgrade their living situation complete with a free move! Are you thinking about making the switch to off-campus living? Here’s a great look at all of the perks that await you!

Choose Your Own Roommate (Or Don’t Have One)

When you rent an off-campus apartment, roommate decisions lie in your hands. It can be your best friend, your teammate or nobody at all! Picture it. No more labeling food, missing ‘borrowed’ clothes or clashing over taste in decor. College is a time to discover who you are. In your own place, you can proudly display your developing sense of self.

You Can Still Be Involved in Campus Life

The great thing about off-campus living is that it doesn’t mean being uninvolved in campus life. Do you think everyone who attends sporting events, intramural tournaments, festivals and concerts actually live on campus? Involvement in school activities is a great way to develop school spirit, meet new friends and make memories. It doesn’t, however, require that you live on campus to do so. Conversely, if you’re over the noise from tailgates and nearby fraternities, you’ll have your very own fortress of solitude where you can work on that big project for class.

Training For the Real World

Living in an off-campus apartment is a surefire way to ease the transition process from student to post-grad living. This can be especially true for those involved in athletics, fraternities and sororities. The sudden lack of structure and scheduling after graduation is enough to leave anyone scratching their head and longing for those glory days. Adjusting to life outside of college can make the difference between a well-adjusted adult, and someone taking the college-forever, Van Wilder route.


Campus living is designed to house the masses. Searching for a unique apartment, with plenty of space, on campus can prove to be next to impossible. Why settle for a small, cookie-cutter rental when there is a whole world of apartments a few exits away, large enough to house that pool table, home office or extra closet? At Move For Free, we specialize in finding exactly what you’re looking for. Do you need wooden floors, an extra room, a large kitchen or a great view? We can do the hard work for you and make moving a breeze.

When you’re ready to leave campus living behind, give us a call at Move For Free. We’ve been helping students and graduates find their perfect apartment for over 14 years! Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for great tips and ideas for decorating your new place.