The Typical Cost of Moving

The stress level of a move depends on three questions: How far away are you moving? How much stuff do you have to move? How much money are you willing to spend?

Say you and your spouse are moving into a new apartment all the way across town. You are moving from a two-bedroom, third-story apartment into another two-bedroom apartment on the third floor.

In this situation you have several different options.

  • You could do it completely on your own by using your own truck or a friend’s truck. Typical cost: $50
    • Pros
      • Saves money
    • Cons
      • Will have to make several trips across town
      • Will have to carry boxes and furniture up and down the stairs at both apartment communities
      • Will probably have to buy at least a tank of gas with the back-and-forth trips (and possibly some adult beverages for the friends who are helping you)
  • You could do it partially on your own by renting a moving truck. Typical cost: $100-$300
    • Pros
      • Can save several trips across town by making one big trip
      • Avoids the begging of friends for use of their trucks
    • Cons
      • You will have to pay for the rental truck
      • You will have to return the truck to the rental location after your done moving and really tired
      • You will need to make sure the gas tank is full before you return the truck
      • You will still need to carry everything up and down the stairs and load it into the truck on your own
  • You could hire movers to EVERYTHING for you. Typical cost: More than $300
    • Pros
      • You won’t have to rent a truck yourself
      • You won’t have to lift or carry anything
      • You won’t have to drive back and forth across town
    • Cons
      • You will have to shell out more than $300 for someone to move you

So what’s this hypothetical couple supposed to do? Oh wait. There’s one more option – Move For Free!

  • Use Typical cost: $0
    • Pros
      • Find a great apartment online
      • You won’t have to lift one finger (other than the ones you use to search for an apartment) – even from your old third-floor apartment to a new third-floor apartment
      • No truck rental needed
      • No need to pay for gas or truck insurance
      • No need to drive back and forth across town
      • A friendly customer service representative will help you determine which of our different free move offers is best suited for your personal moving situation
    • Cons
      • Well, we can’t think of one

I think the right choice is pretty clear.