The Ultimate Moving Cheat Sheet

Moving apartments can be a stressful experience if you don’t do it right. Don’t let your excitement be squashed under the burden of locating, touring, signing on and moving in to your new place. When you follow these four easy steps, moving is a breeze, it all becomes a lot easier when you find the right residential movers! So here you have it – Move For Free’s Ultimate Moving Cheat Sheet.

1. Use an Apartment Locator
When it comes to apartment locators, most people ask, “What’s the catch?” There isn’t one! It’s a free service. The locators make their money by pointing you to these apartments for rent. If you use their step-by-step services, they get paid a commission and you get perks. How does a free move sound to you? (To us it sounds like a lot less lifting and a lot more living!) For the best apartments in Houston and a free move, talk to one of Move For Free today!

2. Take Pictures
While your new apartment is still empty, call on your inner Sherlock Holmes to seek out each and every clue that someone lived there before you. Photographing this evidence, and turning it in with your initial condition report, will keep you from having to pay for a previous renter’s stains, cracks, chips and dents. You can even go paperless by snapping pictures with your smartphone and emailing them to your apartment community.

3. Essentials First
On moving day, before the furniture, clothes, knick-knacks and decorations are brought in, make sure the essentials are in place. We mean the really essential things like toilet paper, trash bags, tool kits and cups for a glass of water. Having all of these items ready, before you start recreating your home decor Pinboard, will help everything run more smoothly and efficiently. If you are looking for a new and nice place to live moving and storage california is a company that can assist you by taking care of your furniture and personal things while you change places.

4. Start Early & Take Breaks
Giving yourself plenty of time is a must. In fact, if you can give yourself a week or so between your move-in and move-out days, you can take so much stress off of your shoulders and even better if you can get extra help from a company like the Moving company Oslo. A new apartment is a new adventure. Take the time to enjoy designing and decorating your new space. Starting earlier in the day means cooler weather, less traffic and more wiggle room for breaks and unanticipated trips to the store. (Not to mention you could be unpacked in time for your favorite shows!) Make sure to rest if you need it, drink plenty of water and take the time to eat. A weak, tired body won’t do you any good come moving day.