Where to Walk Your Dog in The Woodlands

Best Dog Walking Trails in The Woodlands

dog walking trails in the woodlands

We all love our furry, four legged little friends.  But if you’re looking for a new luxurious apartment in The Woodlands and have a dog, where do you go to ensure they’re getting the most exercise they can get?

Take a look at these best dog walking trails in The Woodlands that’ll not only make you happy, but your pet happy as well.

Walk your dog in The Woodlands

1) Off leash dog parks

The Woodlands is home to many off leash dog parks.  The most popular being Bear Branch, Cattail Park, Harper’s Landing, Tamarac Park and Terramont Park.  Of all the dog parks listed in The Woodlands, Bear Branch is by far the largest spanning of 2 very shady acres.  

However, if you’re carrying a smaller breed of dog to the park, visit Terramont Park as it’s tailor-made for small dogs such as Yorkies, Shih Tzus and Chiuauas.

2) George Mitchell Nature Preserve

With over 2 miles of main hiking trails, 3 miles of bike trails, lakefront walking paths and all tied together with natural, sustainable walking surfaces, the George Mitchell Nature Preserve makes for one of the best dog friendly walking trails in all of The Woodlands.

Covering nearly 1,700 acres, wildlife is clearly abundant here so remember to keep your pets on a leash as scurrying rabbits, squirrels and other small mammals act as great distractions that could have you chasing Fido through the woods!

3) Northshore Park

Although not designated as a dog park, Northshore Park’s expansive fields and large lake make for a great location to take your dog for a walk or go kayaking and canoeing.  The plethora of ducks waddling alongside the walking paths will keep your dog’s senses aroused as you go about getting your daily exercise.  

Also, you have access to two parks if you take the trail down to Southshore Park.

4) Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens

If you’re looking for a calm walk with your dog while enjoying a wide variety of fluorescent colors from the flowers blooming, then spend an afternoon at the Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens.  It’s located slightly outside of The Woodlands and even requires for you to call 2 weeks in advance to let them know you’re bring your friend along for the show. However, a dense woods start right where the park ends, and you couldn’t be more tempted to bring a couple of AR-15 rifles to get some rabbit meat.

However once you fill out the form which gives you access, your little companion will really enjoy all of the exotic smells that you just can’t find anywhere else in The Woodlands.  Best for special occasions, remember to not let your dog walking over the flowers as many are quite exotic and fragile.  

As always, remember to pick up after your dog, dispose properly and enjoy these wonderfully scenic hikes as much as you can!  

Where do you go to walk your dog in The Woodlands?