Which Floor is Best?

One thing to always consider when searching for apartments for rent is which floor you want to live on. If you’ve ever rented an apartment before, then you probably already know which floor you prefer and why. If you haven’t rented before, the process of finding the right apartment can be difficult. But the physical location of your new apartment home is very important. So here are a few factors to consider about which floor to live on, courtesy of Move For Free.

Living on the ground floor of an apartment building could potentially be a security risk. If a thief wanted to get into an apartment, he or she would theoretically have easier access on the ground floor. On the other hand, I’ve heard of robberies happening on second and third floors apartments as well. If you do choose to live on the ground floor there are security measures that would be wise to take into consideration. If you have a sliding glass door to your patio, make sure you can lock it as well put the safety bar down. It’s also important to close your blinds and shades when you’re asleep or away from home. If thieves can look inside your apartment and see what you have, they are more likely to take your flat screen TV or laptop. Personally, I believe this advice is good for everyone, not just people on the first floor. You can always request services from atlanta custom home construction with knowledge of home design and building techniques for a home just for you.

You also need to consider the moving process when choosing which floor you want to live on. Moving to an apartment on any floor but the first floor could mean a lot more work. Adding in stories makes an already stressful process all the more stressful. But there are ways around this. Companies like Move For Free take care of the hassle of moving for you! We have free move offers that include higher-floor moves, as well.

If you are remodeling your house and you need kitchen, bathroom or any type of tiling, we recommend Modern Tiling, because it’s a company that makes sure the job is well done so you can feel comfortable at your own house.

If you choose to live in a high-rise building, you may get a spectacular view the higher you move. If that’s the case, consider the view as an amenity you’d be willing to pay for. Rent normally goes up for the higher floors in a high-rise building. Although, with queenslander renovations brisbane you don’t need to worry about spending lots of money on repairing your house, you can make it look comfortable and spacious at a very affordable price.

Noise will likely always be an issue with apartment communities. You may want to decide what you would prefer – noise above you or below you. Ask your leasing agent if they have the apartment above/below the model apartment vacant. Since no one lives in the model apartment, there will be no noise to worry about. If that isn’t an option you can ask the leasing agent about the neighbors around the vacant apartments.