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What Do I Qualify For?

All customers qualify for FREE, NO OBLIGATION Apartment Locating Assistance, and, depending on your Actual Rent and the amount of Referral Commission paid by Apartment Communities, you could qualify for the following amount of free moving or rebate below. Register HERE or call 877-532-3757 to speak with a Locator for assistance.

  • 3 Hours of FREE Moving or $300 Rebate

  • 2 1/2 Hours of FREE Moving or $225 Rebate

  • 2 Hours of FREE Moving or $180 Rebate

  • 1 1/2 Hours of FREE Moving or $135 Rebate

  • 1 Hour of FREE Moving or $90 Rebate

  • 1/2 Hour of FREE Moving or $75 Rebate

  • $50 Rebate

  • $25 Rebate

NOTE: All moves are a minimum of 2 1/2 hours; Customers in the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper levels are responsible for the difference in hours (up to 2.5hrs) at $90/hr not covered by the amount of FREE moving provided by Any move that exceeds the minimum, customers will have to pay an additional $90/hr for all time over 2.5 hours. Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper level customers pay for their part of the minimum 2.5 hours, they are also responsible for any overtime when the move exceeds 2.5 hours. Ask your locator for details.


Moveforfree not only created the “Move For Free” Industry, we have moved more customers than all our competitors combined. That is why we are #1 and have been since 1999. is the most transparent “Move For Free” company in the industry with no hidden fees or fine print. Other move free companies say this, but they hide their “conditions” of your free move on multiple different pages making it hard to decipher.


Bring us our competitor’s ad and we will match or beat their offer…guaranteed! Others claim this, but can’t compare.


  • 1. Must be a member of to qualify for moving or cash voucher.
  • 2. Must be registered as a customer before visiting any apartment.
  • 3. must be paid for your referral.
  • 4. Moving or voucher is based on actual rent.
  • 5. has a Match or Beat Guarantee (limitations and proof required).
  • 6. Apartment Locating is FREE whether you qualify or not for moving or voucher.
  • 7. Lease terms vary, but normally must be minimum of 7-13 months.


Free Moving = Amount of moving paid for, in hours, by is not a moving company, moving companies are contracted and paid directly by the amount specified. Moving companies require a minimum of 2.5 hours for them to complete a move; therefore, the customer is responsible for the amount of moving not covered by the FREE amount provided by if less than 2.5 hours.

Referral Commission = Amount paid to Apartment Locating Companies ( or otherwise) for referring a tenant who signs a lease, moves into the apartments and pays monthly rent while abiding by contract terms.

Actual Rent = the prorated monthly amount of rent the apartments receive after deducting concessions or specials. Actual rent does not include monthly fees for appliances, furniture, parking, storage or utilities; it only considers the rental of the apartment unit.

Actual Rent = Total Rent divided by Lease Term

Total Rent = Monthly Rent x (times) Lease Term – (minus) specials.

For example: 12 month lease at $800 per month with 1 month free.

Total Rent = 11 months x $800 = $8,800 (12 months – 1 month free = 11)

Actual Rent = $8,800 / 12 months = $733.33

For more information please call: (877) 532-3757. All pricing and property information is subject to change at any time without notice. Please contact the apartment community for the most up to date information.