3 Tips For Decorating Your Apartment Like a Pro

So you just found a new apartment for rent. Life is good. You’ve got the boxes unpacked, and you’re all moved in. What now? Moving is a great time to try new things in terms of apartment decoration. And it doesn’t require a lot of money on new items or time spent figuring things out. In fact, we’ve made it easy for you! Here are three ideas that can make a major impact in your apartment home.

1. Mix Things Up

Making a fresh start in a new apartment? Don’t be afraid to stray from the cookie cutter, full-room furniture sets. Something as simple as a throw pillow can beautifully tie together a sofa and a love seat that you would never see paired at the furniture store.

Pro Tip: Have at least two pieces of the same style. It could be a couch and a lamp, a chair and a table, or anything you can dream up. No matter the function, two evenly spaced, similar pieces will give your room symmetry.

2. Find Balance

Whether you like bold prints or safe, solid colors, find a soothing balance. If your apartment allows you to paint, pick a timeless base color like Benjamin Moore’s warm Shaker Beige. With this as a jumping off point, you can add your bold prints and patterns in furniture, curtains, artwork and more. If you prefer a bold or patterned wall, make sure to use solid color furniture and only small instances of decorative patterns around the room. Aim for effortless, not overwhelming.

Pro Tip: Use the 60/30/10 Approach. Your room should be 60% of your favorite color or pattern, 30% of another and 10% of another.

3. Layered Lighting

Don’t rely on the lighting that comes with your apartment. One of the fastest ways to make an apartment feel like a home is with lighting. That means direct light on your favorite reading chair and ambient light near your dining table. Choose lamps of different heights and styles to add dimension.

Pro Tip: Backlighting doesn’t have to be expensive. Battery operated LED lights (under $10) can be used to backlight bookshelves, corner furniture and more. Adding light will make your room feel larger.

What are your favorite decorating tips? At Move For Free, we don’t just want to help you find an apartment. We want to help you create a home!