3 Totally Free Things You Should Take Advantage Of

It’s easy to get confused in a world that’s constantly advertising free this and free that. Wading through the fakers can get tiresome and time consuming. So here are a few fantastic freebies that jump to the top of the list – and truly are free!

1. DuoLingo

A free and easy way to learn popular foreign languages through translation, Duolingo uses both audio and visual cues for the user to translate while providing the necessary rules for conjugation. If your computer has a built-in microphone, you can even practice pronunciation. What are you waiting for? Don’t let language be a barrier in your life and travels anymore! Vous pouvez apprendre une nouvelle langue maintenant!

2. Apartment Locators

Apartment locators are the worst kept secret of the moving industry, yet somehow they’re still viewed with unease. Let me put that fear to rest. Sign up already! Apartment locators earn our money through referrals to apartment communities, so we don’t have to charge you a dime. Plus, we throw in a fantastic moving perk like covering the full or partial cost of hiring movers. If you are looking for an apartment in San Antonio, Houston or Dallas, check out www.moveforfree.com. Follow our easy, three-step process, and you can find your new place and have professional movers do your heavy lifting for free!

3. Project Gutenberg

Reading can transport you to different worlds, fuel creativity and improve your vocabulary and writing skills. Project Gutenberg is a fantastic website where thousands of e-books and audiobooks are available for free online. If you’re looking for the best romance novels to read during your spare time, you can check out this list by AnyStories. Check gutenberg.org before buying books for school and you could save hundreds. Also, talk about a wonderful and free way to spend an afternoon. Where will books take you next?