4 Apartment Lighting Tips

Living in a poorly lit space is never ideal. Unless, of course, you’re a vampire. For all non-vampires who are looking for ways to light their homes, look no further! We’ve provided four tips to help you get your apartment lighting just right with the help of a professional company like this team in Yucca Valley.

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Light-colored walls and décor

It is relatively well-known that lighter colors make a space appear more open. Having light walls and other décor, like rugs, will make your space appear brighter and bigger. If you’re a fan of color, do not fear; you can still accessorize your rooms with whichever color you choose. Just remember, if you’re trying to create a more open space, less is more.

Reflective objects

No, we’re not trying to make your apartment look like the Starship Enterprise (although that’d be pretty cool). Placing mirrors, metallic objects and home decor throughout your apartment for rent will reflect the light in the room. This not only illuminates the space, but it also gives the illusion of a larger room.

Utilize all sources of light

There are actually three sources of artificial light that can be used: main, specific and ambient. Main light is the above light, so the lights that are on the ceiling. Specific light come from lamps, because you’re putting them in the specific area you want lit. Ambient light comes from candles and other forms of light that create a certain mood in your apartment. I suggest using LED lightbulbs in any lamps you have, because they’re energy efficient so they save you money. In today’s market, there are a multitude of LED options available, such as those led lights for bedroom wall. Need help installing those lighting fixtures? Professionals can help you. You can check it out here.

Keep in mind that LED bulbs have a cooler tone to them than regular light bulbs, so choosing a lamp with a warmer shade will help balance out the temperature of the light. If you want more creative ways to increase your home value, click here. For electrical installation guidance contact a professional company such as MZ Electric.


Maximize natural light

Remember that super hot guy – the sun? He would love to come into your apartment and brighten up the place. Many people forget how convenient and beautiful natural light is for your home. Pulling back the curtains or having a blind installation can help control the natural light that comes in. Most importantly, it’s energy efficient! So before you spend your hard-earned money on artificial light, try letting the sunshine in.