How do I organize my closet

4 Tips to Organize a Closet

Whether you have a luxurious walk-in closet or a hole in the wall closet- organization is a must. Without having an organized closet, you may find yourself spending way too much time looking for all your personalized items instead of spending it elsewhere. We have some tips on how you can start organizing!

4 Tips to Organize a Closet

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Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Just like with spring-cleaning we all need to let go and donate all the clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. we don’t use anymore. To have a clean and organized closet start with packing away all out-of-season items into cloth containers. If you don’t want to throw these things out because of sentimental value but badly need some space, you can opt for self storage units. There are self storage facilities that offer budget-friendly self storage units to accommodate your items and meet your needs. You can also get rid of your car and get cash in return with scrap car removal Wollongong service.

It’s best to showcase all your most worn items in the drawers and hooks to make it easier when picking out your go-to outfit.

Another usual tip is to have a keep, trash, and donate bin once you clean out your closet.

Utilize Clear Shoe Boxes

Having your shoes visible in clear boxes will help you save time and even money. You don’t want to be that person that misplaces shoes or gets them chewed up by a dog. Be smart and invest in some clear boxes and then stack them on top of each other to utilize space. If you have too much belongings and some are only adding up to the clutter, you can optimize storage options, such as a climate controlled storage unit.

Invest in Proper Hangers

If you’re investing in organizing your closest, then you should think about investing in proper hangers for your clothes. Spending a pretty penny on clothes isn’t fun but it’s also not fun when your clothes get stretched out due to cheap hangers. Proper clothing care starts with investing in durable hangers such as satin and wood.

If you are sticking to plastic hangers there are even some with felt to ensure shirts and dresses won’t fall off.

Hang up Accessories, Belts, Purses

Having your accessories, belts and purses visible in clear containers or on hooks will help save you some time in the morning if you can successfully locate all your favorite belongings. If you just find that you need to make more space, maybe a self storage company can help! You will also save yourself some time in the morning if you can successfully locate all your favorite belongings. 

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have an organized closet that you love! These tips are great because they involve little work and low cost. Once you set most of these tips up you can easily keep them in practice and stay organized. What is your biggest issue when it comes to keeping your closet organized?