Apartment Decorating on a Budget

You finally moved into your new apartment, but it may look like, well, a new apartment. It’s a little boring, plain and needs some fixing up. But how do you decorate while sticking to a budget? It can seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many options, like shopping at resale stores, using DIY techniques, learning to love hand-me-downs and even making the old new. Here is some Move For Free advice for apartment decorating on a budget.

Resale Shops

If you’re like most people nowadays, your television favorites include some home improvement shows. We don’t all have the unlimited budgets as people seem to on TV.  So, if you find yourself without deep wallets, the resale shop can become your new best friend. The items found here are ever changing, so visit often to grab the best items. The exciting thing about these types of stores is that the items all have character!


Do It Yourself

What is a better way to make your dollar count than to create things yourself? Using your creativity, you can make anything a work of art. With a little paint, some nails, scrap wood or fabric, you can make unique pieces.

  • At most craft stores, you can find cheap fabric by the yard. Use this to create easy, chic pillows. You don’t even need a sewing machine. Just cut two squares of fabric. Use iron-on adhesive strips to fuse the edges of the fronts of the two fabric pieces, leaving a small opening to turn it inside out. Once you have turned it inside out, all you have to do is stuff (use batting from the craft store), and fuse the opening! It’s an easy way to add a pop of color to any room.
  • If you are current with what’s popular in today’s society, then the word “pallet” sends endless images to your mind. With a little bit of paint, leftover wood pallets (often found thrown outside of home improvement stores) can be taken apart and reused to make anything from a headboard, coffee or side table to wall art.  All you need is a saw, hammer and nails.

Hand Me Downs

Growing up, hand-me-downs weren’t usually something to get excited about. But when you need to fill a place with furniture, hand-me-downs from family and friends can feel just like Christmas. Just because something might not be “your style” doesn’t mean you can’t make it that way. With a little bit of paint and imagination, these second-hand treasures can become standout pieces in your new home.

Don’t be discouraged by your budget to make your new apartment home. Decorating on a dime is doable with just a little creativity!