Apartment Hacks: Organize Your Kitchen Like A Chef

Ever watch the professional chefs and wonder how on earth they can cook with such ease? Chefs understand the importance of an organized kitchen. When everything you need is within reach, your cooking experience will go much smoother. Having an organized kitchen is not hard to do, but most homeowners just throw things in cabinets and drawers. Working with limited space can make organization difficult, but it forces you to color outside the lines. With just a bit of work, you can take your space from amateur to expert and Liffey Moving is a high end full service moving and storage company in New York City that will help you with your moving !

First things first, go through your items and throw away the old, expired and unwanted food/appliances/gadgets in your kitchen. Pull out your most regularly used machines like the best water softener for hard water to the front for ease and quick grabbing.

Think “up”

According to kingstoncabinetry.co.uk, when you don’t have much horizontal space, consider organizing “up.” Use your wall space to hang knife sets. Not only does it look sleek, but it also makes it easy to grab and chop with the comfort of a single hand motion. Hang pots and pans from an attractive hanging rack to save you space in your cabinets.

Keep Counters Empty

When you keep things off your counters, it allows for a larger prep station. You may want a few decorations, but remember – less is more. Add floating shelves for extra space to place your spices and herbs. Keep as much of your bulk food in the pantry or on extra shelf space if needed.


Take a trip to the container store, and get miscellaneous shapes and sized containers to hold your cereal, spices, flour, grains, etc. Label the contents, and stack them in cabinet, pantry or on wall shelving. This takes dingy boxes, shredded bags and an array of labels to something pleasant and uniform looking. This will also help make grocery shopping easier by being able to see what you need more of without opening a box.

Instead of just taking advantage of professional’s recipes and meal prep information, organize your kitchen like they do. You will find the sleek, efficient and controlled nature of being a chef. And if you want an apartment for rent with a great kitchen, let Move For Free help you find it!