Apartment Storage and Small Spaces

Not everyone starts out at the penthouse level. In fact, unless you’re Eloise, you’re probably used to a more humble square footage. The fewer the square feet you have for living, the less you have for storage. As Carrie Bradshaw taught us, storage is an important part of any home (Remember that heavenly closet?) and not every apartment gives you the perfect amount. So, what is a renter to do with less than ample storage space? To quote Theodore Roosevelt, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” If a few of the things you have happen to be an Internet connection and some motivation, turn to the blogosphere (and us!) for the top five storage ideas for smaller spaces, if you have a piano and not enough storage try getting climate controlled piano storage for it, I think this is your best option .

1. Under-bed Storage
Neatly storing out of season clothing, extra linens or even decorations in the ample space under your bed is a great space-saving technique. Not only does it free up extra room, it will keep you from shoving anything and everything under your bed on “cleaning day.” Look for large under-bed bins, drawers, or get a Houston Custom Closet to make the most of your space. If you opt for the bins, find a brand with wheels for easy retrieval. You can also check out storage geelong for more options that meet your current storage needs.

2. Corner Shelves
Installing wall-mounted corner shelves in your home provides space for books, picture frames and other trinkets that would otherwise clutter desk and counter space. They’re available in several different sizes and materials, and can create a custom feel in any living space. We love these rounded glass corner shelves from The Container Store.

3. Storage Ottomans
You can prop your feet, or a cool serving tray, up on this stylish storage option among our easy storage hacks. Hide away blankets, DVDs, gaming controllers or anything else you want inside of a storage ottoman. If you do take advantage of the serving tray idea, you’ll be saving floor space with your instant coffee table. This square storage ottoman from Wal-Mart is big enough for ample storage and extra seating!

4. Roll-Out Cabinets
Roll-out cabinets make kitchen and bathroom storage a breeze. You can neatly store several layers of cleaning supplies, pots and pans, plastic ware and much more in spaces that would normally hold far less. You can forget the bending and digging you used to have to do to find those products way in the back. Now your products can be categorized and easily reached with a simple slide.

5. Overhead Storage
You can make overhead storage into decorative storage with ease. Try out some ceiling-mounted pot racks or overhead glass racks to free up scarce cabinet space in your kitchen. Displaying your decorative glasses or gourmet pans will represent your own personal style and add warmth to your kitchen. Need some inspiration? Check out this kitchen sporting an inexpensive maple pot rack from Crate & Barrel.

Decluttering is a unique activity that is far better accomplished in one area at a time. This creates momentum. It’s important to allow yourself to see success in one area before moving on to another. Section off one room at a time (or one part of a room at a time) and focus your decluttering efforts there. The one-at-a-time method can also be employed by giving away one item a day, by going through your house and filling one bag for Goodwill each day, or by throwing away one bag of trash a day. Many families find that small storage units like those offered by San Antonio cold storage can help in a big way when it comes to decluttering the home. In particular, there are 4 categories of items that can be stored to keep your home clutter free. These are records, seasonal items, special mementos, and items to sell.

If you look high and low while searching for your next apartment for rent, there are plenty of opportunities for storage in even the smallest spaces. You also have to keep in mind that living a small apartment shouldn’t be a problem. Even if you are a person who usually has many belongings. If you are thinking of downsizing, a self storage unit could also be worth investing in. Having some extra storage, like a warehouse for rent, means that you can still keep some of your valuable items even if you don’t have space in your new apartment. Make sure to contact the storage san francisco team and get to know all about storage units. For storage options, check out sites like AmericanListed.