Best Activities For Kids In Irving

Best Activities For Kids In Irving

Best Activities For Kids In Irving

Finding fun activities to get your kids out of the house, off the couch or from behind the screen can seem like a harsh task, but we have got you covered. If you plan on staying snug indoors with them, then we’d recommend you get some ping pong paddles and engage them in the game. But if you’re thinking otherwise, then here are some of the best activities for kids and events in Irving, Texas. 

Campion Trail

Maintained by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, the Campion Trail is a 22-mile greenbelt along the Trinity River’s Elm Fork and West Fork.  This scenic trail offers the perfect location for a family picnic, to throw the football around or just get out of the house and in to camper trailers and get moving. If you are looking for an easy way to get your family outside and having fun, look no further. Techie Camper thoroughly tests all kinds of camping gear to keep consumers informed on what to buy.

Irving Arts Center

The Irving Art Center is truly the place where Irving meets the rest of the art world. Covering 10-acres with four galleries, two theaters, and outdoor sculptures you are sure to find something for your family to enjoy. The Center has an exciting events calendar, including traveling exhibits and shows. More than 200 performances take place on site each year and typically more than 1,000 events annually. There is so much to explore!

National Scouting Museum

Is there a boy scout in your family? It doesn’t matter; everyone will enjoy the National Scouting Museum. The official museum of the Boy Scouts of America is ready for family fun and history. Visitors can decide between one of the interactive hands-on exhibitions, exploring in the indoor cave, testing their aim in the laser shooting gallery, high-tech games, viewing fine art collections including early work from Norman Rockwell and more.  The admission is already affordable, but you can enjoy free mission twice a week. Visit the website for details.

Stand Up Paddle North Texas

Five-year-olds and older can find an experience something in the SUP NTX (Stand up Paddle North Texas) offerings. Packages include stand up paddle fitness, yoga, pilates, birthday parties, team building, dates, weddings and more. They offer classes for novice paddlers and activities for more advanced visitors. Programs can accommodate up to 60 people at a time.

There is plenty to do with your family in this fast growing city! What are some of your best activities for kids you’ve found in Irving, Texas? Tell us in the comments.