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4 Free Things To Do in Dallas This Summer

Summer is an expensive time for everyone. Kids are out of school, so they need to be fed and entertained. Not to mention the electric bills that bring tears to your eyes every month. If a little research is done, you’ll find that there are plenty of free things to do in your area and […]

Places with wifi in Irving

Best Study and Work Spots in Irving

When it comes to finding places to study in Irving, it can be a little difficult to find a place that’s both quiet, serves good coffee and has plenty of wifi access to go around. Take a look at these best study spots in Irving that don’t only provide a good location for studying, but […]

Best Places To Buy Wine In Irving

Best Places To Buy Wine In Irving

There is nothing like a nice glass of wine with a tasty meal. Click here to learn more about freestanding wine fridges and why you should buy one. Regardless of the type of food you enjoy, most foods have a wine counterpart that takes the taste and experience to the next level.  If you are […]

Best Activities For Kids In Irving

Best Activities For Kids In Irving

Finding fun activities to get your kids out of the house, off the couch or from behind the screen can seem like a harsh task, but we have got you covered. If you plan on staying snug indoors with them, then we’d recommend you get some ping pong paddles and engage them in the game. […]

How to Go Green While Living in an Apartment

One of the more common New Year’s resolutions is to go green. But it’s not always as easy to find out how to go green while living in an apartment. The easiest part about going green, in my opinion, is taking up less space. When you add in less electricity used and less waste, it […]

Best Apartments for Young Professionals in Irving

Best Apartments for Young Professionals in Irving

Fresh out of college and starting your career can be an exciting time in a young person’s life. There are so many new decisions you are making in your life. What job to take? What city to live in? Which apartment is perfect for your new adult style? If you find yourself starting this new […]

Where To Take A First Date In Spring

Where To Go On A Romantic Date In Spring

Whether it be your very first date or a 5-year anniversary celebration, picking a unique romantic date idea in Spring can be quite the task. You want to make sure you give off the right impression but, at the same time, ensure it’s as memorable for your significant other as it is for you. Take […]

4 Apartments with Resident Events in Spring

4 Apartments with Resident Events in Spring

Most Fun-Loving Apartment Complexes in Spring When you move into a new place it’s important to know that you will feel at home there, and apartment resident events are one way to do just that. There are few things more frustrating than dreading your apartment, neighbors, or apartment office staff. A good community knows that […]

Where to Walk Your Dog in The Woodlands

Best Dog Walking Trails in The Woodlands

We all love our furry, four legged little friends.  But if you’re looking for a new luxurious apartment in The Woodlands and have a dog, where do you go to ensure they’re getting the most exercise they can get? Take a look at these best dog walking trails in The Woodlands that’ll not only make […]

Best Luxury Apartments in The Woodlands

Nestled approximately 30 miles North of Houston, The Woodlands has been known to host some pretty spectacular apartment communities.  The 28,000 acre award winning community has a master plan that’ll please even the most notorious of renters, providing easy access to nightlife, parks and anything else your heart could desire. Take a look at these luxury […]

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