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Packing Military Style for Your Move

We might all be able to agree that packing is the worst part of every trip, usually ending in a rushed disaster that begins the last minute. But military men and women are taught to pack like a pro and here’s how. Start by creating a clear space to lay out your clothes and bag. […]

How to Pack for a Move in 5 Days

Are you moving into a new apartment? Did you wait until the last minute to pack your things? Why not check out an affordable apartment cleaning services here before moving in to your new apartment? Fear not, five days is plenty of time to get your apartment in order. After packing, you can ask for help […]

Our Top 3 Moving Apps

There’s no doubt that we’re living a digital world. (We won’t lie and say that the majority of our shopping isn’t done online.) There’s something about the convenience of a great app or mobile site that allows you to get what you need exactly when you need it. So when you’re searching for a new […]

How to Pack Your Electronics

Let’s face it. Moving is stressful. But what’s even worse is getting to your new place, unpacking and realizing your electronics are either all out of order or broken. All I want to do is plug in my TV and relax for a few minutes! So here are a few tips from Move For Free […]

Planning a Cross-Country Move

New jobs can bring new opportunities, new salaries, new apartments and even new states.  When life is telling you to pack your things and make a big move, plan on making preparations of equal measure. Here are a few tips of the trade from your friends at Move For Free. How Unfortunately, all of the […]

How to Pack Military Style

Moving into a new apartment is a great time to take inventory of your things. More specifically, it’s an excellent time for an “out with the old and in with the new” mindset when it comes to clothes. Sometimes it’s hard, but if you haven’t worn an article of clothing for weeks or months, you […]

Packing Tips for the Procrastinators and the Unorganized

  So you’ve found a new apartment home (hopefully using our apartment locator service). Now what? If you are anything like me then you always wait to the last minute to pack when you move. Then you are left with scrambling to get everything organized and end up accidentally packing the cat. So here are […]

Alleviate Stress: Pack More Effectively!

  Moving is stressful. From finding the right apartment home, to packing, to finding help moving, to unpacking… That’s not even counting the stairs. In order to cope up with such stress, you can always try using stress-relieving products from companies like Denver Post. Apartment locators try to take as much of the stress off […]