Four Kid-Friendly, Space-Saving Ideas

Being a parent means sharing. Your food, your money, your time, your space – you name it. This joyful balancing act can sometimes tip in favor of your child, especially when it comes to space, despite your best sharing efforts. Your apartment, once distinguishable as an adult’s abode, now resembles baby’s day care, overrun with toys from grandparents and miniature furniture. It takes everyone a while to fine-tune the give and take of home décor after baby arrives. The good news is you don’t have to live as a guest in your own home. Next time the grandparents take the baby for an afternoon, you can take back your home with a few, simple, kid-friendly and space-friendly tips from your friends at Move For Free.

Trendy Trunks

Pick your favorite storage trunk with a cushioned top to serve as extra seating while also storing all of the baby’s toys. We’re absolutely obsessed with the Paris Storage Trunk from World Market. Its vintage style will be a fantastic change from Sesame Street and fundamental colors, and it’s big enough to store beaucoup baby baubles.

Cute Cubbies

Take a cue from the daycare and embrace the cubbyholes, just not the ones Playskool makes. (No offense, Playskool.) Try the 2 Shelf Verona Storage with 6 baskets from Target, or something like it. The mix of dark wood and neutral fabrics make an attractive piece of furniture more than capable of showcasing the baby’s framed photos on top and hiding away books, toys and other trinkets below.


Lay-N-Go mats can be amazing space savers. Building blocks, Barbies, Legos and Lincoln Logs can all be easily contained while creating a designated play space. Simply lay your mat on the floor during playtime. Its soft raised edges create the perfect baby-sized arena for fun and crafts. When it’s time to clean up, simply fold it up with all of the toys, etc. inside. It folds into an average sized bag of sorts and can easily be stowed away in your coat closet or one of those handy shelf baskets. In addition, utilizing heavy duty plastic storage bins are a great idea to store and organize your belongings.

More than Coffee Table

Let’s face it – you can never have enough storage or seating options. So why have a coffee table that holds, well, just a cup of coffee when there are so many possibilities? You can shop wood coffee tables online if you want to have the best one for your home! We love, and encourage parents everywhere, to invest in a multitasking coffee table like Cosmo Adjustable Coffee Table available at Wal-Mart. Not only is it rounded, keeping a wobbly toddler from encountering dangerous corners, but it features four storage ottomans that double as seating. As a bonus, you can adjust the table height for cafe style seating. Throw down a plastic tablecloth, and its smaller size and cushioned seats can make a great art station for any crayon-wielding kiddo.

Remember, investing in sturdier furniture now is not a waste. (“Oh, but the kids will ruin it!”) Better-made furniture will withstand the tests of time much better than those cheaper options, which will end up in a landfill in half the time. Before you know it, your apartment can look like an adult lives there once again without the baby losing any play space. What are some of your favorite storage ideas for controlling kid clutter? If your home has too much items but you don’t want to throw them away because of sentimental value, you might want to consider other storage options, such as a self storage unit.