Going Green While Moving

Every day, more and more are getting on board with the green movement. People have decided that clean air, water and renewable resources are worth changing their lifestyles. Recycling is one of the biggest and easiest ways to lessen the amount of waste you send to a landfill, but for some reason, it gets largely overlooked during a big move. As moving into a new apartment always brings to light all of the “junk” you’ve accumulated at your soon-to-be past residence, it’s important to use a Dumpster Rental service to eliminate unnecessary waste. We have some great tips for pulling off an easy and eco-friendly move! If you’re thinking of relocating to Kelowna BC you must read this first and get more information.

Start your move with a little “green cleaning.” Whether you’re downsizing, upsizing or just starting fresh, there will undoubtedly be plenty of items in your discard pile. Before you reach for the trash bags, take time to really determine whether or not those items could live a longer life elsewhere. Discarding of unwanted clothing is a common step for any move. Instead of tossing them in the dumpster, collect all of the unwanted clothing you have (that is still in good shape) and head down to your local donation drop-off. Goodwill, the Salvation Army and local battered women shelters are a just a few of the great donation centers that accept gently used clothing, toys, knick knacks, appliances and more! Your donations can even help animals. Are you going with a new look for your bedroom? Animal shelters gladly accept bedding to help make their rescues more comfortable in the winter. If you have any old computers, laptops or other devices you want to get rid of, instead of throwing it directly to the dumpster, it’s a lot safer to dispose it through computer disposal services, such as gigacycle, because they can also wipe out all the data in that device so no one can use it against you.

Because you used Move For Free, all of the loading, transporting and unloading will be in the hands of our trusted movers. All you need to do before and after is make sure that nothing that can be reused or recycled goes to waste, see the page and requests  quote now. The rest will be a breeze! Follow these simple steps and your move will be easy on both you and the environment.

When it’s time to box things up, think green. You can purchase used moving boxes to cut back on spending and landfill waste. Companies like EcoBox sell (and even let you sell) used moving boxes back to them. When packing breakables, ditch the packing peanuts in favor of old magazines that you can recycle afterwards. Wrapping fragile items in clothing is a great way to pack two things at once! When unpacking any new items you may purchase, make sure you have a box cutter handy to break down those boxes and make the most of your recycle bin’s space. Not sure if you can recycle an item? Check your local recycling center for a list of what you can and cannot recycle.