How Does an Apartment Locator Work?

Apartment locator services are by no means a new idea. They’ve been around, simplifying what can be a painstakingly tedious and time consuming task, for quite a while now. After starring in many of my own moving horror stories, it amazes me that it took me this long to catch on. That amazement packed another punch when I realized how few people actually understand and/or use apartment locator services. So, from one previously stressed mover to you currently stressed movers, simplify your life with a little help from an apartment locator service like Move For Free.

What We Offer:

One-Stop Apartment Search
Renters everywhere can agree that a lot of time is spent searching for apartments. Too much time. Between your cup of coffee and the morning traffic, not much time is available to scout for possible spots on the way to work. And who has the energy to start a grand search after work? With the help of an apartment locator, you can be scheduling apartment searches by the end of the day. Email your appointed personal locator with what you need or just simply visit the next link to find real estate agents in Tauranga.

  • Location – Tell your apartment locator the ideal area for you to live whether that’s close to your work, shopping or entertainment.
  • Amenities – Do you need wood floors, a washer and dryer and a truly pet friendly community? Let your apartment locator compile a list of the best options for you from their vast network of communities.
  • Price – You don’t have to compromise on price. An apartment locator can quickly provide you with a list of communities that hit at or below your target budget.

A Free Move
I know, I know. It sounds too good to be true. But it isn’t! Move For Free teams up with licensed, professional moving companies to offer big incentives to potential users. When prospective renters comply with the terms and conditions set by the apartment locator service, they can enjoy an easy move free of stuffed cars and precariously stacked furniture.

A free service and a free move? How do these people make money, anyway? Glad you asked…

Money Matters
Unlike the way realtors from real estate agencies like Calgary MLS are paid, participating apartment communities pay a locator service a commission when you decide to rent with them. In return for leading you to their community and the following rental agreement, Move For Free will receive a commission from the apartment you decide to rent from. We then return part of that commission to you to pay for your move.

So let’s go over the perks of letting other people do your heavy searching and lifting one more time.

  • You’ll save money on:
    • Rent: No more settling for higher rent after lengthy, tiring searches.
    • Movers: Let your apartment locator pick up the tab on your professional movers.
    • Gas: Eliminate long trips to search for apartments and then all of the back and forth of moving.
  • You’ll save time:
    • No more jumping between websites to compare.
    • No more pre or post-work apartment hunting.
    • No more wasted apartment tours.
  • You’ll get what you want:
    • No more settling for less. If you want crown molding, you’re going to get crown molding!
    • Pet friendly will actually mean pet friendly! Finally you and your furry family member can feel truly at home.
    • Quiet community or bustling college scene? It’s up to you!

So, all of this and it won’t cost you a thing? Seems like a no brainer doesn’t it?