How to Find Pet-Friendly Apartments

When moving to a new apartment with your four-legged friend, you can’t just consider your needs and wants. Life can be stressful and boring for your pet if you don’t live in a pet-friendly apartment. Here are the things to look for when living with pets in an apartment.

Pet treats in the office

Although having pet treats in the office seems like a small thing, it can tell you a lot about how pet friendly an apartment is. It gives you a spot to stop by on your walk or way home and grab a treat for your pet. Some apartments will even plan socials for you and your pet to socialize and meet other members of your community.


Wording in the lease

Some apartments will advertise that they allow pets, but then have high pet deposits, a high, monthly pet rent and even breed or size restrictions. Make sure to always ask about the details of the pet addendum in the lease.

Dog Park

Having a dog park at your apartment is a must. Check out the dog park before you agree to move in. A good dog park is fully fenced and includes obstacles for your animal to play on. Dog parks are important because it gives your dog the opportunity to meet other dogs and run freely while being safe. Just don’t forget to take note of pet-related laws, such as the michigan dog leash law.


A lot of factors play into choosing the location of an apartment you want to live in. Most downtown apartments are perfect for cats but not as pet friendly for dogs because amenities like dog parks aren’t as common. It is good to find an apartment that isn’t on a busy street or highway, just in case your furry friend gets lose. A plus about apartment living is that communities are everywhere, so take the time and be picky for you and your pet.

If you do your research and ask the right questions, you will find the perfect apartment for rent for all members of your family. If you need any help with your search, contact Move For Free today.