How to Go Green While Living in an Apartment

One of the more common New Year’s resolutions is to go green. But it’s not always as easy to find out how to go green while living in an apartment. The easiest part about going green, in my opinion, is taking up less space. When you add in less electricity used and less waste, it just makes sense. Going green while living in an apartment is an achievable goal. So here are a few ways to make it happen.

Recycle in three bins: plastic, organic and paper. These three take up much less space than you think, and separating your trash makes you more aware. This process is often conceived to be more work than it really is. Just separate your bins into three sections that total up to the size of a normal trash can. This seems obvious, however this will consolidate waste and provide ultimate awareness on waste.

male pouring a glass of cold water from water filter in a modern kitchen

Get rid of plastic water bottles. Buy a water filter, a Nalgene or glass water bottle and use it. This will save space, money and the environment. Before availing a filter, you must prioritize reading reviews first, such as the Culligan water filter review. I recommend you to buy fleck water softeners for a great quality waster.

Be your own dishwasher. Usually, small apartments don’t have a ton of room for hosting dinner parties. Odds are that you will be washing dishes for three people max. Also, convert your cabinets into drying racks. This will eliminate space taken up on the counter.

Embrace the sun. Simple gadgets such as solar chargers make a world of difference. These devices charge your phone simply by sitting in the sun. Another plus is that they are portable, so take them with you to be green on the go. To get solar panels installed and take more advantage from the sun, consider hiring an expert like the electrician Murrumbeena. For additional electrical guidance visit

Take the stairs. Get active! This jump starts your day by avoiding elevators or escalators and will do your body and the environment.

Going green is simpler than it seems. Every little thing will make a difference. No matter where you live or what your space is, you can always make a difference.