How To Maximize The Space of Your Apartment Balcony

There are a few facets of the American dream that not everyone can attain; not everyone will get insanely wealthy or marry a super model. Some people are lactose intolerant, and that’s just how life is. But there are still some things that anybody can do, that are not out of reach, which satisfies an American dream. It is a classic staple of American culture to have a fantastic balcony. You may think that your balcony of your apartment is too small, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many ways you can maximize the space of your apartment balcony and use it to its full potential.



One classic idea is to put furniture on your balcony, making it nearly another room. There is enough open space all around to make a crowded bench or chair seem roomier than it actually is. Somehow, fitting four or five people in a three by six space seems less crowded when there is all the space in the world surrounding you. Plus, having furniture breaks up the space nicely.


Plants give your balcony character. They are living, interesting things, and there are many types that could liven up your balcony. There are flowers, potted plants or even things more exotic. Much like furniture, they can also break up the space, and they are generally interesting to have. As a plus, being outside means balcony plants would require less maintenance than inside plants.

Creativity and Space

The best way to maximize the space of your balcony is to make aware of the space outside. Looking out into the country, the city or wherever your balcony faces is the best way to not notice how small it actually is. The best way to do this is by creativity. Do whatever you feel is different and interesting, and guests will notice that. Perhaps a cabinet that has a plant next to it with a bench facing will do the trick. There are a bevy of options at your disposal. The best thing to do is try and see what works.