How to Pack for a Move in 5 Days

Are you moving into a new apartment? Did you wait until the last minute to pack your things? Why not check out an affordable apartment cleaning services here before moving in to your new apartment? Fear not, five days is plenty of time to get your apartment in order. After packing, you can ask for help from experts, such as these commercial movers, to transport your belongings seamlessly.

Packing for a move is the perfect time to declutter before you call in the movers! Decluttering your house can seem like a challenging task, but you will organize your home without hassles if you do what is necessary. Try to read about Dumposaurus if you need professional help keeping your home clutter-free easier said than done! A quick walkthrough of your current place should give you an idea of how many boxes you will need for each room, but don’t stop there. Successful packing is as much about timing as it is about preparation. After you get your boxes, tape, permanent markers and other packing materials, plan on packing a few boxes a day.

In this order, pack your:

Day 1) Least-Used Items

According to great commercial movers this means your holiday decorations, winter clothes, guest room linens and more. Anything that you won’t be needing in the next 2-3 weeks can be sorted, consolidated and packed away. Make sure that you don’t skip the consolidation part of packing. If you don’t love it, leave it! (Or more accurately, donate it.) Donating unwanted clothes and household items will leave you with a much lighter load come moving day.

Day 2) Home Decorations

You’re on your way out of this apartment, your last few weeks don’t need to be perfectly decorated. Picture frames, window curtains, knick knacks and decorative vases need to be wrapped up and packed away. Make sure to label the boxes carefully if anything breakable is packed inside. Day 2 is also a great time for preliminary cleaning. Clean your baseboards, dust your fan blades and get those windows sparkling!

Day 3) The Bathroom

It’s time to empty those cabinets! Remove all hair, skin, bath and beauty products from under the sink. Toss anything that is outdated or unwanted and pack the rest in spill-proof freezer bags. After your last shower, pack up your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and shower curtain as well. And remember, clean as you go! Cleaning gradually overtime will help you catch little things that may have prevented you from getting your deposit back.

Day 4) The Kitchen

Day 4 is one of the biggest packing days. It’s time to tackle the kitchen! Dishes, pots, pans, toasters and more need to be safely wrapped and packed in sturdy boxes.  Brampton Moving Companies gives you the reassurance that they will be able to seamlessly move those fragile items of yours. Non-perishable items in your pantry can be placed in reusable grocery bags, ready for transporting. Be sure to clean or wipe down all counters, cabinets, the inside of your refrigerator, your stovetop, the inside of the oven and anywhere else that may have collected grime.

Day 5) Furniture, Electronics, Hanging Clothes

Day 5 is moving day! Luckily, the only things left to be packed are the items that you can’t pack. Computers, televisions and bulky furniture are day-of moving items for the moving companies. After you, your friends and family, or your professional movers have transported these bigger items into your new place, you can start with the boxes. Aren’t you glad you packed them earlier in the week? Lastly, make sure that everything is vacuumed, dusted and scrubbed to move-in conditions. Your deposit is on the line!

If you’re downsizing from a big home, you must have a lot of stuff you’re not ready to let go of just yet. As a solution, you may temporarily store your belongings in a self storage unit until you’re ready to purge more items.

We hope this five-day guide will help you with your last-minute move! Do you have any moving tips for other procrastinators?