How to Throw a Super Bowl Party in Your Apartment

So you’ve been elected as the happy host of the big game, have you? Just because your apartment is small in square footage doesn’t mean there isn’t room for big team spirit. Luckily, when it comes to sports, simple is appreciated. As long as there’s plenty of seating, good views of the TV and some savory snackage, you’ll all be amped and ready to root, root, root for the home team (or whoever it is you’re cheering on). To increase the stakes and elevate the watching experience, most fans would even bet on their teams by going to sites like 메리트카지노.

Everyone loves to sport their team’s colors! So, why shouldn’t your table? Plastic tablecloths, festive toothpicks, streamers, paper plates and cups can all be coordinated for a spirited serving table. If you’re hosting fans of either side, play up the rivalry by representing both teams. Check out some of Move For Free‘s favorite game day snacks including this vegan drumsticks!

  • Skinny Taco Dip: Chips and dip are obvious snack no-brainers. This reduced-calorie recipe for a Skinny Taco Dip from is a real crowd favorite. There may be fewer calories, but there’s no lack of flavor. If you’re looking to spice things up, just add some jalapeños to the mix! Another plus is that there is absolutely no cooking involved! Serve this easy snack with restaurant style tortilla chips or strips.
  • Wings: Whether you’re making them yourself, picking them up from the local wing experts, or tossing a bag from the frozen foods section in the oven, wings are a guaranteed hit. Grab some ranch, blue cheese and celery to serve with two or more different flavors. Buffalo and honey barbecue are the undeniable favorites. Try sriracha to give it a kick. A tray of each can lead to a finger-licking good time, but be sure to keep napkins or paper towels handy!
  • Pigs in a Blanket: Another quick and easy snack are pigs in a blanket. All you need are miniature hot dogs and some crescent rolls. If you’ve never made these before, check out Paula Deen’s recipe on It couldn’t be simpler! Serve them up hot with ketchup and mustard for dipping.
  • Chipotle Cauliflower Buffalo Bites and Raw Cashew Ranch Dip :Cheesy burger spreads, pizza crust, oven-roasted steaks, and now buffalo wings, it’s safe to say that with cauliflower, you can do it all. Cauliflower is a favorite ingredient to use because it is so versatile and has a power punch of nutrition. This recipe for Chipotle Cauliflower Buffalo Bites and Raw Cashew Ranch Dip by Jasmine Briones is a spicy and delicious snack perfect for any occasion.

Who loves snacks? We love snacks? Why? Because snacks are awesome, that’s why — especially party snacks of any kind. For us, there’s little that comes close to the positive feeling you get from spending time with friends and loved ones while enjoying homemade snacks that are so good you’ll wish you had made an entire batch for yourself … but hey, sharing is caring, right? Right. So, if you’re looking for shareable snacks, then you’ve come to the right place because we specialize in sniffing out the best, so-delicious-you-don’t-want-to-share snacks that also happen to be completely meat-free and dairy-free.

This is a sports game we’re talking about! Stir up some fresh lemonade or sweet tea, but make it a BYOB event to keep from breaking the bank. Make sure to reserve fridge or cooler space for the incoming beverages and ice maker to place on countertop. For extra hosting brownie points, have koozies ready to keep your fellow fanatics’ hands warm and drinks cold.

Seating & TV
If you’re watching the game in person, you’ll want the best places to sit at Etihad Stadium, so make sure everyone has a seat and a good view of the game. Your television is the focal point for the day, so make sure your furniture is angled for optimal views. If you know you’ll be short on seating, borrow some folding chairs ahead of time. You’re going for functional, not fancy. As long as everyone has room to high-five, you’re good to go! For the especially tech savvy, setting up the television from your bedroom out in the living room for another viewing screen is a great idea. If no cable jacks are available, you can stream the game live to your television from your computer. Set it up near the serving table so that even your snacking friends can keep their eye on the ball. North Team, located in Toronto, ON is a professional home cinema installation service. North Team offers TV Installation in Toronto at high-quality and affordable prices.

Fun decorations, great snacks and even better company will amount to a great game day party whether it’s a nail-biter or a blowout. What are some of your favorite game day ideas?