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Ideas For Non-Permanent Apartment Decorating

Hiring and using an apartment locator is only half the battle when deciding on a new place. While figuring out which complex has the best square footage or amenities may be taken care of,  there is more work to be done even after moving in. Once in your new apartment, it is up to you to create the home and space that you want to call home. Apartment decor can be exciting but is not always easy. Most apartments have lease agreements and rules against major modifications to the property – meaning you will have to find an alternative to drilling or hammering to help make your new, off-beige walls look better. Go here to learn about the benefits of quality Orlando window shades in designing your apartment that complements your style.

Accent Pieces
If you are hesitant to hang anything on the wall, consider investing in some accent pieces. A tall statue can take space in a corner or small tables can help shift the focus in the room. Vases, candles and table decorations can help fill empty space and tie a room together. Use free-standing shelves to cover walls with a display of books or a collection of knick knacks.

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If your goal is to cover completely cover a wall, a tapestry is an easy solution. You can find the perfect piece for the amount of coverage you are wanting. While many tapestries are usually seen with a mandala, there are many other designs and customizable options online. A tapestry can also be used as a good alternative to curtains since the fabric is light enough to tack to the wall. This trick can even make a window seem to vanish if you get one large enough to cover the whole wall. You can also try using window treatments, like the ones from Roller Shutters Perth, to add a little more aesthetic value to a room.

Proper lighting in a room can do wonders. Take advantage of natural lighting and use window film to alter the light entering through your windows. Much like wallpaper, there are endless colors and designs you could use. Purchase a large, standing lamp to fill a corner or smaller lamps to top corner tables and empty surfaces. A simple adjustment to light fixtures, shades or types of bulbs used can also change the tone in a room.

Command Strips
Command strips are the secret weapon when it comes to apartment decor. Leaving little to almost no damage, these tiny little things can work wonders. Rather than hammering up a curtain, use command hooks to hold the rod instead. Accent piece for the wall? Picture frames? Command strips. Keeping the weight limit in mind, use multiple strips to hang almost anything.

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