Guest Post: Leaving Your Rental in Immaculate Shape

When moving out of a rental, your top priority should be to leave it in immaculate condition so it does not affect the  property value, read more about rental review property valuations. This serves the primary purpose of ensuring you’ll get your deposit back in full and securing a great future reference from your landlord. It’s also the courteous thing to do for future occupants.

Start by making a list of what you’ll be leaving behind when you move. As you compile your record, imagine yourself as a new tenant, and consider whether they’d feel the need to clean particular areas or items if they were left as it is. While most rental contracts make allowances for wear and tear, it’s best to leave your former apartment in the best condition possible. This means not leaving anything behind that wasn’t there when you moved in and making sure that every surface is dust-free. High traffic rooms will eventually take a toll on the doors, and the hinges may wear off over time. You can easily fix squeaky or loose doors by installing the best door hinges.

Once all of the surfaces have been fully wiped, remove any posters or artwork you’ve hung on the walls. If you’ve used Blu-Tack to hang your adornments, warm it slightly with a hair dryer, then press another piece of Blu-Tack lightly but firmly against it. The original patch should peel away smoothly but could leave a stain – if it does, drop a dash of undiluted floor cleaner onto a cloth and then rub it into the mark for 30 seconds. Leave it for just under a minute before wiping away using a face wipe. Once the spot dries, the stain will have disappeared.

Sparkling fixtures make a bathroom look its best, so it’s vital that you clean this area meticulously. Cream cleaner is great for giving porcelain sinks, baths and toilets a rejuvenating glimmer and also helps to restore metallic fittings to their former glory.

It is absolutely vital that all appliances are scrubbed so that they are sparkling, and left looking as good as new. Again, not only is this an important task which you must carry out to ensure the return of your deposit, but good courtesy that benefits the subsequent occupant. Naturally, this entails a thorough clean of the exterior (and, where applicable, interior) of these units, but also a methodical cleansing of any and all removable parts.

When cleaning the fridge, start by removing all internal shelving, drawers and compartments so they can be scrupulously scrubbed separately from the main ‘body’ of the unit. Generally, it’s unnecessary to utilize expensive, specialist cleaning products to return these items to their full glory – washing up liquid and water should be sufficient, as long as you’re thorough. Once you’re done, leave these to dry, and use a combination of cream cleaner and warm water to scour and wipe the interior of the fridge, not forgetting to scrub the rubber stripping and the area surrounding it – once finished, dry each surface down with a towel, to ensure a striking glimmer. When you’ve completed working on the fridge, repeat the process with the freezer and constituent drawers.

Once you’ve completed those phases, move on to the floors. If your floors aren’t carpeted, vacuum them thoroughly and then mop them. To ensure a pleasing sheen, you may need to mop them more than once. Windows should be the last thing you freshen, as they’re the surfaces that deteriorate the most easily and quickest. If you’re cleaning on a budget, mixing water and vinegar is a very cheap way to make a tremendously effective solution for ensuring clear, sparkling windows.

Finally, the cherry on the cake for your landlord could be leaving them a brief note thanking them and providing them a forwarding address and phone number. Manners cost nothing, and the positive impact of graciousness cannot be underestimated.

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