My New Year’s Resolution: Recycle More

New Year’s resolutions are always a tricky subject with me. On one hand, I don’t like putting off home improvements like getting an emergency plumber from Sydney to help you deal with your waste water once and for all. On the other hand, it is nice to have a bit of pressure to make sure those improvements stick and become life changes.

So I begrudgingly make a list of things I’d like to work on. This year, my list included one main item. I want to recycle more.

I’ve lived in my current San Antonio apartment community for two years now. It installed a recycling bin six months ago, but I’ve yet to take part because the bin is constantly full (and overflowing in most cases). I do recycle at my girlfriend’s house, thankfully, and the habit is second nature there. But I get home and quickly go back to throwing everything in the garbage. And I want that to change.

A couple of things are keeping it from happening. One, there are too many people recycling for just one bin (which is a positive in one aspect). Two, I wish the apartment community made individual recycling bins or garbage disposals available for each unit (to encourage more people to do so). Visit or other companies to know more.

I had just had this conversation with our friends at Multi-Housing News as 2012 came to a close. Above all else, I said I hoped my apartment community would add a second bin.

Lo and behold, I woke up on January 1st and there was a second bin (as seen above)!

Now I have no excuses. So today I went to Home Depot to buy a small recycling container for my apartment. Let the recycling begin!

What improvements do you hope to make in terms of apartment living this year? And what’s keeping you from making those changes? Let Move For Free know! Here’s to a happy 2013!