Packing Military Style for Your Move

We might all be able to agree that packing is the worst part of every trip, usually ending in a rushed disaster that begins the last minute. But military men and women are taught to pack like a pro and here’s how.

Start by creating a clear space to lay out your clothes and bag. This helps you memorize where you packed your stuff in the bag.

Then continue to the Rolling Method. Rolling t-shirts is the most efficient way to pack. Rolling everything in a uniformed style, where it fits snug in your suitcase, will make for a tidier bag. Start by folding the bottom of the t-shirt up to get two flaps on the outside of the finished roll. Then pull one of the flaps up and over the rest of the shirt to make a tight looking burrito.

Pack your stuff in reverse order. In other words, the first items in are the last items out. For instance, your pajamas you’ll use your first night should be packed at the top so they are the last to be packed. Those extra jeans you “might” need? Pack those at the bottom.

When considering carrying a backpack, it’s ideal to break your bag into thirds. Putting your heaviest items in the middle of your bag and closest to your spine is ideal for equal weight bearing. Then put your medium weighted items on the bottom and lightest items on the top.

On a side note, if you have bulky items like jackets and scarves, try rolling them and tying them together with a cord to get them to stay right and tight. Be sure when packing clothes or any items in boxes, pack only what you need. Pull out or set a side stuff that you might need – if you end up having room for it, take it.