Notable Firsts

We live in a fast-paced and technological world. Every gadget, gizmo and all-around advancement we have made today started with innovators and trailblazers. Your personal history and the world’s history is full of notable firsts. At Move For Free, we have a few favorite firsts of our own! You can check them out below! On […]

Top Scents of Summer

A simple scent can be a powerful memory trigger. When you recognize the memories linked to certain scents, you can call up those good feelings again and again. Some of my favorite memories, from childhood and today, took place during the summer. When swapping out my winter decorations for spring and summer style, I make […]

3 Totally Free Things You Should Take Advantage Of

It’s easy to get confused in a world that’s constantly advertising free this and free that. Wading through the fakers can get tiresome and time consuming. So here are a few fantastic freebies that jump to the top of the list – and truly are free! 1. DuoLingo A free and easy way to learn […]

Get Your Deposit Back: What to Clean Before You Move Out

Game of Thrones may be back, but forget winter – summer is coming! For many, that means the daunting task of moving into a new apartment. Whether you’re relocating for more space, to be closer to work or just because you can, cleaning out your apartment should not be taken lightly, if you do not […]

Decorating Your Apartment for Easter

Easter is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about fun, cost-friendly activities for the kids in your life! At, we know that adults aren’t the only tenants in apartment communities. Just because your apartment may be temporary, it doesn’t have to be any less of a home. That being said – here’s […]

Apartment Storage and Small Spaces

Not everyone starts out at the penthouse level. In fact, unless you’re Eloise, you’re probably used to a more humble square footage. The fewer the square feet you have for living, the less you have for storage. As Carrie Bradshaw taught us, storage is an important part of any home (Remember that heavenly closet?) and […]

Cats and Apartment Living

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Like it or not, there’s a cat-lady (or cat-man) inside of all of us. You can choose to embrace it or hide it away, but it’s there…purring deeply and contentedly upon the windowsill of your conscience. Don’t act like you don’t enjoy cat memes or spend 10 minutes a day […]

Four Signs it is Time to Find a New Apartment

The whole point of a rental is it’s meant to be temporary. Whether you stay in your apartment for six months or three years, eventually it will be time to move on to a bigger, better or just plain different place to live. At Move For Free, we’ve seen our fair share of new beginnings. Would […]

The Ultimate Moving Cheat Sheet

Moving apartments can be a stressful experience if you don’t do it right. Don’t let your excitement be squashed under the burden of locating, touring, signing on and moving in to your new place. When you follow these four easy steps, moving is a breeze! It all becomes a lot easier when you find the […]

How Does an Apartment Locator Work?

Apartment locator services are by no means a new idea. These luxury real estate finders in Marbella have been around for quite a while now, simplifying what can be a painstakingly tedious and time consuming task. After starring in many of my own moving horror stories, it amazes me that it took me this long to […]

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