Rent or Buy? Five Factors for Newlyweds to Consider

Now that the wedding is over and you’ve returned from the honeymoon, it’s time to hire Los Angeles County movers and start moving on in your new house together. Newlyweds sometimes struggle over where exactly should they live. It seems only fitting that a newlywed couple should buy a house, but for many that may not be the smartest choice. Before you jump into any big purchases or look for apartments for rent, there are a few things to consider. Here are the five factors for newlyweds to think about, courtesy of Move For Free.

Maintenance Costs

One perk to apartment living is not paying for maintenance or unexpected repairs. When you sign a lease your landlord or apartment property is the one that is responsible for those costs. If anything goes wrong, all you have to do is give them a call and they will fix it for you without any added costs. If you own a home, all those unexpected repairs and maintenance costs lie solely on the homeowner…which is you. If buying is what you will like, check out seabridge.oxnard for their homes for sale.


It goes without saying that your utilities will be much less in an apartment than a house. A smaller space means less energy needed to cool it, heat it and keep it lit. That’s especially true in Texas, where the majority of the year it’s hot – your AC bill will be much cheaper in an apartment than a house.


Some couples might want to start a family right away, if this is the case, a house, which may be found on these residential properties, would probably be your best bet. With a backyard and more room, a house is a good space for little ones to run around and grow up in. If you’re looking for a beautiful house with green spaces and spacious gardens to invest in, you should check out the Anwyl Homes houses for sale in Crewe.


Renting an apartment is much easier than buying a house. When you rent an apartment you can lease it for six months to a year, which is a much shorter commitment than buying a house – where you may decide down the road that you can’t really afford a house. But if you think a house is a better investment especially if you want to have kids right away, then you can always search for properties that are within your budget, such as the Homes for Sale in Chandler AZ.


When you own your home you have the ability to decorate and design it any way you wish. If you want to change something in an apartment, i.e. a light fixture or painting the walls, you usually aren’t allowed to do that. But, if you and your new spouse decided to rent first, you could take that time to save up for some really nice and quality furniture and decor. You can even spruce up your backyard with the artificial lighted palm tree that is just sight for sore eyes.

When you choose a professional painting service like Lakeville Residential Painting service, you’re choosing to make the old new again. And, more importantly, why should you hire professional painters when you might be able to do the job yourself? Hiring a professional painting service comes with a host of benefits.

Bottom line is it’s important to discuss your future living situation with your new bride or groom and find out what’s important to them. Is money tight? An apartment may be your best bet. Do you want babies ASAP? A house is probably the way to go. Whatever the decision, make sure it’s the right decision for the both of you. You can learn about homes for sale in Beaufort SC and decide what you want to do.