Saving Money on Boxes and Packing Material

We all know that moving is incredibly stressful. With so much to do, you don’t even want to think about where you are going to find boxes or buying packing material.

Here are a couple of tips to make your adventures to find boxes and packing materials less stressful and less costly.

Liquor stores have great boxes. They are super sturdy, and they are also great to hold glassware because they have nifty dividers in them. Plus, the shopkeepers are usually eager to give them away for free.

Grocery stores are also great places to find boxes. Go in when they are stocking the shelves, and they will (usually) gladly give you their boxes.

Packing material is easier to come then you may think. You know all those unused plastic grocery bags? Those make a perfect scratch and break resistant material. Instead of buying a ton of newspapers, pick up a bunch of the free papers at your local post office, grocery store or wherever they give those papers away. (Just be sure to leave some for the people that actually do read them.)

One thing you don’t really want to skimp on, however, is packing tape. Good tape can really make or “break” your precious belongings.

Finally, since you used Move For Free to find apartments for rent and move your stuff for free, you just saved yourself A TON of money! Three cheers for saving money!