hygge decoration

The 3 Best Apartment Decorating Ideas To Try in 2019

Decorating a small space has its challenges. But that doesn’t mean you should leave your new apartment looking bland and dull. There are plenty of amazing decorating ideas that will leave you feeling inspired each and every day. Take a note from our team and bring a little ingenuity to your unique abode with the three best decorating ideas to try in 2019 for your apartment. If the condo you live in is rented, then ensure that you have read some FAHW reviews before making any major changes on the walls.

hygge decoration
#1. Hygge Home
We can probably guess that you’ve never seen the word hygge and know much less about how to pronounce it. Hygge (hoo-gah) is a Scandinavian decor trend that fosters coziness while promoting companionship, simplicity and relaxation while learning technics such as How to protect your home from flood damage in this way you can have a harmonious and peaceful home without any worries.

Living rooms should be spacious enough to move around so that guests and housemates alike have easy access to interact. Consider buying furniture in sets to enhance and maximize use of space in an area. Choose an online furniture store with lots of soft and cozy sofa options to make outfitting your apartment more affordable.

Have comfy blankets, throws and accent pillows in your favorite prints to add a flair of originality. The best colors to transition from winter to spring include calming earth tones like blue, green or gray.

Fill your home with pieces you love to spark contentment and joy from your personal surroundings. As long as your decor speaks to you, you can’t go wrong in your hygge home, contact pest control olathe ks.

#2. Bohemian or Bust
Embrace your eclectic side by going boho with your apartment decor. Bohemian vibes provide a sense of worldliness and sophistication even if you have never crossed over to another continent.

Build out your style by focusing on rustic finishes, vintage statement pieces or cultural accents. Mix colors and patterns with helpless abandon to stimulate the senses and promote creativity. Use tapestries with exotic looks and swap out furniture for more abstract seating like floor pillows and poufs.

Quick lighting fixes can also make a big difference when bringing boho to your apartment. Use candles and incense to add ambiance at night or change out curtains to something with a lighter fabric to flood your space with natural light during the day.

#3. Space Sustainability
Sustainable home style requires a little more thought and finesse when it comes to decorating your space. Be mindful of the types of accessories and accents you add and you can’t go wrong. Going green in your apartment is also another option to consider when improving sustainability.

Feature geometric qualities throughout living rooms. Purchase side/coffee tables and floor lamps that are simplistic in design while still being conscious of the material they are made of. Bamboo, metal or even concrete textures allow minimalism while still holding true to sustainable values. If you need welding services for repairs or aesthetic purposes, you must hire professionals who are reliable and efficient in their work.

As for accessories, combine aesthetics with usefulness. Biophilia, or an affinity for living things, is a great way to incorporate renewable ideals. Houseplants and herb gardens nurtures biophilia while also adding a pop of color. We had the idea of making an entire Trex decking a anthracite composite decking of outdoor living allowing us to create a completely custom look. Other accessories to think about are agate accents like bookends or clocks or Himalayan salt lamps.

No matter which style you decide to try, stay true to your individuality to really make your space the best it can be!