The Best Community Events In Katy

4 Fun Community Events In Katy

Fun Community Events In Katy

When it comes to fun community events in Katy, there are certainly more than a handful of things to do.  No matter what time you’re visiting Katy, Houston and the surrounding area, you can discover community festivals and events to please just about any visitor.

Take a look at the following list of community events that you must visit in Katy – we promise you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time at each and every one!

Community events in Katy

Katy Rice Harvest Festival

Occurring annually for over 3 decades, the Katy Rice Harvest Festival is in early to mid-October.  For two very big days of excitement, you, your family and friends can experience live entertainment, food booths, crafts and more!  If you’re really wanting to get involved in this community event, be sure to register for the parade and wave to all the onlookers as you stroll on by!

Annual Folk Life Festival

Have you ever wondered what life was like prior to modern-day Texas for the early pioneers?  What skills did they need to survive, how did they dress, what kind of pets did they have and where did children go to school?

For over 30 years, the Annual Folk Life Festival has recreated late 1800 scenes of life for early Texas pioneers.  Walk the nature trails, visit the duck pond and see displays as well as exhibits of the science and history classrooms.  As a fun family friendly event for all, if you have any interests in getting to know your local Texas heritage, this is a community event you must attend.

Katy Cajun Invasion

The Katy Cajun Invasion is 3 fun days straight out of Louisiana filled with everything from swamps and woods, to country music, to the filled streets of New Orleans and everything in between.  This rich, family-friendly festival filled with food, music and a world-class carnival should definitely be placed on your top community events to attend in Katy, Texas.

Katy Brew Fest – Wild West Brew Fest

The Katy Brew Fest – also known as the Wild West Brew Fest – is one of the largest beer festivals near Houston, Texas and definitely worth checking out.  Boasting over 400 different types of brews, you’re given access to several tents where you’ll get the opportunity to find that one special brew that you just can’t live without.  Add the fact that you can get delicious food to go with your beer, and you have one awesome festival.

What’s your favorite community event in Katy?  What would you like to do most?