The Millennium Waterway Apartments For Rent in The Woodlands, TX

This month’s Move For Free Apartment Spotlight is The Millennium Waterway in The Woodlands. This community is in the heart of The Woodlands – just minutes from the Cynthia Woods Pavilion or the mall – and comes with unique amenities, like a Zen Garden.

The minute you walk into your new home, your mind will be racing with to-dos. Keep this overwhelming task list at bay by keeping a notebook in a central location and writing down every action item you or your family think of throughout the day. After 24 hours cut the list off, and prioritize each item with a 1, 2, or 3.

First priority should be items completed that week — safety concerns, cleaning, unpacking essentials, etc. Priority Two should be tasks completed within the next two months, related to organization, maintenance and remaining unpacking. Priority Three tasks should be non-essential improvements and projects you’d like to complete within the year — renovations, landscaping and large purchases.

When moving into a new apartment, your first task is to choose two spaces you want to prioritize first, you can get ideas from Archute | Step Into Architecture. The living room and bedroom are likely the two most important spaces in your place. They may also be the two rooms that require the most investment. Regardless of which rooms you want to tackle first, visualize how you’ll be using the room in order to furnish it. Focus on quality over quantity. To get started, take a look at these apartment decorating ideas and see which give you the most inspiration.

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(Photos courtesy of The Millennium Waterway.)